Abusive ban !

Hello, I was a L10 Agent until August 2019. This day I try to connect to my account and the game show me an error message. After a few day, I receive an email who say I was ban for violating the ToS. So after that I read the ToS and ... I do nothing wrong ! No cheats, double account ... So I have send many and many ban appeal, because I am innocent. In this ban appeal, I have try to explain my innocence but nothing, always the same message (written by a bot). So again today, I do some researches for proving my innocence. I try everything really. Today I found Three-Strike Discipline Policy. So after that policy, If you do something wrong you have to be warned in the game. So If I had done something wrong, I had to be warned at least once but nothing ... I was not warned. So I gonna try to apply this argument for obtain equality. I do not know if someone have report me or if it is the bot who ban me but I will restore the truth. Of course I do not post this for be un-banned, but it is for all the players who was banned by mistake and it is for denounce the lack of information and clarity coming from Niantic, the the unequal system. All the players who was destroy by an unjustified banishment, I fight for each of them. If you want to help please, up vote this message and I really hope this post gonna change something. If you have any information who can help me or others do not, feel free to share.


  • GoblinGranateGoblinGranate ✭✭✭✭

    I would like to clarify: strike policy came to enforce punishment upon those who repeatedly abuse in some way that does not deserve a permaban. This means you don't "have" to be warned.

    About the warnings, I'm pretty sure someone at some point told you that you could get your head chopped off if you did "that".

    About lack of clarity, I'm afraid that is true and little can we do to fix it.

  • CocoEnBuissonCocoEnBuisson ✭✭
    edited February 8

    Of course I knew you shouldn't break the ToS, that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying the information on strike policies it's really hard to understand every part of the game fonctionnement. (New account of cocodu36400 by the way ^^)

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