Wayfarer Group on Facebook is Promoting Misinformation



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    Temperatures are another reason on some photos being blurry. When people are cold it happens.

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    I have now several times submitted as secondary photos ones which had been rejected by OPR/Wayfarer, including some where I'd had the gall to take the photo AT NIGHT when the POI was most gloriously lit up.

    Those rejected photos are now the primary photo on these portals/wayspots. Because I care!

  • Since photo orientation is on the list of preset reject reasons, it's safe to assume that photos with poor orientation should be rejected for that reason.

    Are you actually an ingress player, that you don't know that edits grant no AP, only new photos and new wayspots?

  • You also have to remember it's not as easy as you say to fix a photo later. I challenge you to fix a photo without using an ingress account.

  • Your first few months of submissions, I guarantee were not perfect. So how are you going to demand others be better than you?

  • People aren't learning from rejections because wrong rejections are being used on valid things.

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    Pokemon GO players can re-take photos, there's a large button asking you if you want to in the UI.

    And no one here is, as you call it, "demanding perfection". We're just following guidelines for accurate and understandable photos & titles/descriptions. People learn by making mistakes. If people don't get rejections and feedback about the rejection, they won't approve. If people are spending their time and gas to submit stuff, they can take the time to make sure it's a good photo and type it out well.

    We all have had our frustrations with bad rejects. Getting something labelled as a generic business or saying they can't find it on the map when it's very much not the case. Letting low quality submissions slide by that need constant edits to fix them is just going to bog the system down more with more needless edits that could have been fine if the submitters just fixed them in the first place.

    Everyone can re-take photos. Everyone can fix the title and description in Wayfarer if they made typos. The system doesn't need constant edits to fix simple mistakes.

  • There are apps people can use to bypass that limitation.

  • We aren't following the rules people have admitted to not even reading the FAQ. Scroll back.

  • It depends on when you submit and when the next day occurs. Because some submissions can be in voting quicker than others.

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    Well, on an Android device all photos are taken via what amounts to a "plugin app". The default is the one provided with the OS, but you can select a different one at the OS-level.

    As per AMAs, apps which allow you to effectively falsify your location (by way of taking a "photo" from your camera roll) were specifically called out as not kosher.

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    I'm sure those guides will also be made available on the Wayfarer Help page.

    Thanks for checking in, @NianticCasey! We look forward to the guide updates.

  • You're trying to talk sense to people who take pride in being nonsensically difficult over things which don't matter to any living human and waste an enormous amount of people's time. It's kind of like going to an antivaxxer or creationist forum and trying to point out the practical meaning of the word theory. There's a reason most players I know avoid wayfarer forums like a plague. The shock they'd endure if they ever discovered how few players ever actually read a description when they've wasted how many hours agonizing over which 1* choice to pick because of a typo, as they heroically save us from an actual playable game before the servers are shut down.

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