Ingress should now be running normally. Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this unplanned server outage.

Ingress 2.39.3 Release Notes

We are starting the rollout of Ingress 2.39.3, which includes the following changes and updates:

  • Feature: Added four core-shell avatars: Spiritualist; Skeptic; Alchemist; Dreamer.
  • UI: Updated visuals for inventory items to increase contrast and vibrance on low and mid-tier devices.
  • UI: Added CMU cost below featured bundles in the inventory carousel Store category.
  • Bugfix: Action circle radius for Scanner [Resistance] and Scanner [Enlightened] agent avatars set to 40.0m.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue preventing repeat Store purchases.
  • Bugfix: Fixed endless spinner on Regional Scores GLOBAL tab.
  • Bugfix: Fixed automatic slot advancement when deploying resonators.
  • Bugfix: Total item count updates after redeeming passcode on Android.
  • Bugfix: Updated animation to reduce ghost resonators on map screen.
  • Bugfix: Improved performance to reduce pending attack error messages.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Back button behavior on Voluntary Agent Recursion screen on Android.
  • Bugfix: Speculative fix to address randomly occurring faction selection.



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