13 Archetypes: Omniscient



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    This will be the first decode challenge I formally throw my hands up...even though there is probably a bunch of clues, they are above my understanding. I'm still on step 1.

    If someone has a walk through so I could learn but not enter the passcode, I would be interested

    OR willing to give very blatant caveman hints, hit me up on telegram.

    Telegram: same name

    edit: puzzle completed

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    this is amazing. 8 steps. and there I was, so pleased with myself with my "only 10 step" recipe. lol.

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    @Stoppermjs Don't give up yet...it is doable with the clues given and some online tools, l did it without knowing anything about these codes. It's been less than a day...give yourself some time. :)

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    Indeed. There's a reason each challenge is given a full week before the next goes up. Take a break and and come back refreshed.

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    This recipe has 9 steps and I think it best represents the way the challenge is meant to be understood because it closely follows the hints.

    For the first half only using "n2esab",

    For the second half using the instruction "Width 4, Depth 3"


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    Honestly, don't think I would have been capable of cracking this without the use of Cyber Chef. I was already wracking my brain hard enough as it is WITH the tool, so the idea of spending countless hours trying to crack it without it is mortifying. Excel could not have helped me much this time! But I do feel smarter, now that I've finally understood the challenge, the clues and the how-to. thanks everyone for the hints, the help, and of course, the puzzlemaster.

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    Something I noticed when I was trying out the "Magic" function (not that it helped with the puzzle, but I figured it was worth a try):

    If you tell it to use Intensive Mode, it displays a little animation of (what I assume to be) a Turing Bombe in operation.

    (For those who might be unfamiliar with it, the Turing Bombe was used to decrypt intercepted ENIGMA messages.)

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    Depends on how you're counting. Some people are describing getting from WTNh to the passcode "two steps". Others (like me) would say it's "one stage of the puzzle with 39 steps".

  • Thank you so so so much, I had not noticed this link, at all, never ever heard of this before. This seem slike a genuinely interesting place to try out things 🙏🙏🙏🧠

  • I'm more than willing to lend a hand, if you'd like; feel free to ping me on Telegram.

  • Me neither. I have been reading through the comments, tried CyperChef for a while now, but it seems I am quite confused with this challenge and not getting even started.

    Maybe someone can help me out of my deadlock and bring me to stage1? I understand the hint in the original post, and somebody suggested to use b***16 in some direction, but doing so, I just get 33 64 33 64... but no letters. 😅

  • okay, I'm still one of those people cycling through CyberChef trying to just get through step 1. I can see how e4a46464 can map to NJFF if you first drop the 4s, and map 123456789abcde to abcdefghijklmn. Not sure which of the CyberChef steps (or combination of steps) can get me that though. or how to use it to effectively decode the rest. I'm obviously making this first step harder. what brain block am I having?

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    Decoded. Thanks for all the hints.

    If you are lost, get a coffee. 😉

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    Message me on telegram if you need help. I can get you going

  • That is... not quite the right way to start things off.

    You have the right idea in that the initial string needs to be manipulated before you proceed, but that particular method of doing so is a dead endian. (And like @guardLK, I too am willing to lend a hand in making these characters dance for you.)

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    Again thank you so much for pointing out the kitchen to me, it's nutritious! And I palmfaced so hard when I all of a sudden understood "n2esab", I had forgotten to do the very first thing a child would have done.

    !?----> Is there really any hint in the original text as to what to do when reached Y3c...? Then I would like to be pointed out the specific hint in the text.

    I think maybe "get a coffee" was an unintended rabbit hole? The Y3c... will in no way fit in to that "world".

    I tried the dead end, and it was a dead end, could not continue with the same step that got me to Y3c, as described elsewhere in steps.

    Is this stage, or any stage, a stage we have to (or get to in my opinion) do on paper? Someone mentions "39" steps and that sounds likely to be a delicious pen-and-paper task. But others say they could complete the entire thing on good old dcode...

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    I'd say that you can go back one step where you are at "WTN..." and think about this part: pixel width="4" pixel depth="^3".

    I interpret it this way: You have things that are 4 pieces wide and you have to go three levels deep on them.

    If you follow this idea, you will in the first step get the same result that you currently have (Y3c...), but then can continue following this new idea to get the rest of the steps.

    Think about the special properties of the method you used to get from WTN... to Y3c...

    Solving it on dcode involved doing a lot of copy & pasting. More than 39 times ;-)

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  • Thank you @NineBerry I will ponder grids, blocks, bits, sets, offsetting...

    I always from the start envisioned several concurrent strings (depth) and several ways of possibly lining places up and getting something new or shuffling the strings. May not get to do anything like that.

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  • So confused - I thought you described grids,bits, blocks that are 4 wide and 3 deep? Also considering the divide and conquer, also leads to blocks?

    The special properties of how one gets from one base to another seems way too in depth for us to be intended to know/learn/understand and apply? Searches mostly just gives generators, I can't seem to learn how that conversion is done, what the special properties are and how to know what part of the properties will give me a method. As with last time - I am way way way complicating this but this is where I have been led. And just like so many others I see that trying to repeat anything already done to get to Y3c only produces gibberish, even if deleting everything and beginning fresh with WTN. I am supposed to repeat an action on Y3c some times, but I feel I have tried everything in every menu, I even tried the Enigma and Enigma Bomb and they crashed my browser, and other answers are scary because they are massive and only get bigger when repeating.

    I can't seem to find any tool in the kitchen that produces letters and numbers from Y3c, and does not reduce it all to nothing/weird stuff or explodes up the size when repeating the process.

    Oh High Ones, I am so spent, close to 14 hours burned on this decode, my brain is fried. In two hours it is bedtime here in Norway, I fear I am going to loose more sleep this night.

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    @RiktigFeil Hit me up on Telegram if you want another more blunt hint. 😁

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    Like a kid, we want ALL the answers "nownownownowNOW!" But some things (like wine) have to be savoured slowly, little bit by little bit, to be fully appreciated.

  • Finally got it! Thanks to all the hints and a DM from @guardLK . Once @guardLK helped me with step 1 (and with all the hints and conversations from this thread in my mind), it finally resolved itself.

    While I see how the puzzle's hints helped out with the second half of the puzzle, how in the heck did any of y'all (given a blank slate and no hints from here) get through the first three steps to get to that second half of the puzzle!?!?! In each step, you get letter/numbers, but nothing that hints that you might be on the right track... the prefixes (first three or four letters) that some in here gave as hints in this thread were the only things that had me KNOWING I was on the right track and to try something else. Otherwise, I probably would have turned around and foolishly tried other things not knowing I was actually doing the right things.

    A lot of dead ends, witches with hexes, pleading to the fifth, before reversing course!

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