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Truthseekers: We've moved to a point in the Tessellation, where the pattern of placements has become evident for both Factions. However, as the directives stated, " each grid space on the Tessellation may only be guessed once per person. " , only the first faction to claim the grid space will be counted. In the past Rounds, I've notified the Discoverers of the opposite faction that made repeated predictions to come up with a new one. Though it seems redundant now, the Discoverers are still welcomed to submit alternative predictions in the original posts, if you deem helpful. I will update this "Poll" announcement, if new predictions come in.

Technically, this isn't a poll anymore, but here are the predictions.

TR6: Xth/X-ed

RES noranekoinko: A04

ENL all Discoverers :  B03 

TR6: Calvin Transmission


RES all Discoverers : H06

TR6: Aurora Ultimatum

All Discoverers, with ENL claimed first: C10 

TR6: Travel as Shards

ENL Perringaiden : L07

RES all Discoverers : B07

TR6: A Simple Wager

All Discoverers, with ENL claimed first: C01 

TR6: Who Killed Osiris Hank Johnson?

All Discoverers, with ENL claimed first: G05 

TR6: Ninth

All Discoverers, with ENL claimed first: K04 

TR6: Who Killed Wendy?

All Discoverers, with ENL claimed first: N04 

TR6: Avenir Unmasked

All Discoverers, with ENL claimed first: D12

Predictions to be claimed by NEMESIS

TR6: Who Killed Misty Hannah?

TR6: Eight

TR6: Visionary Archetype

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