13 Archetypes: Omniscient

This is challenge 8, the Omniscient challenge. Those who are keen of mind will find their way to a unique reward, and a place of glory. When you find your solution, enter the Passcode at https://intel.ingress.com/intel

< code font size="n2esab" pixel width="4" pixel depth="^3" > e4a4646494652374c4949565d423459494a5c454d4753574b4a544841565238594a5c464d4652374b4a56565f4253523b4a5c47555353555b4536544b4652385e494234554653574f425c465f42535237464c47455d4b485b45344849433b475e4a435747565357494a43464d4234554e4e4c47555453555b443d3d3d3d3d3d3 </code>
To see the results of the 13 Archetypes decoding challenge, visit https://ingress.com/decoding/13archetypes
The next challenge (Explorer) will be posted next week, at 2/3/2020 9:00+00:00.

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