Whats the deal with Gazebo's?

Currently anything with a roof is getting in.

Here is 27 (Twenty Seven!) boring picnic shelters each with there own portal, All numbered and in groups of around 6.

Majority of the groups seem to think this is OK and meets Niantics guidelines.



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    That's not a gazebo.

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    It's not a gazebo and I only approve shelters that have mutiple picnic tables underneath since they are intended to be gathering places for a sizable group. A single sheltered picnic table is no more eligible than any other picnic table.

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    Currently anything with a roof is getting in.

    Yes, that was Niantic's ruling.

  • I still think this is because what constitutes as a waystop (portal) by the Ingress community is different than what constitutes as a wayspot (pokestop) by the PoGo community.

    I believe this is because a portal in Ingress has lore and is supposed to be a beacon where XM spews out from another dimension and influenced humans to build a structure. Whereas in Pokemon Go, a pokestop is where you get items. Which is why I think there's such a huge disagreement in what is a valid candidate and what is not between communities.

  • Note as well, imagine if you go to a park to have an Ingress BBQ with your team. Having a portal at the shelters is advantageous for community building.

  • Niantic defines it as a location where a group of people can gather together. It promotes community and social gathering. They have also explained that look out points are also acceptable under the same explanation. In one of the AMAs, I'm not digging it up as I'm not invested in this nomination.

    Of course, being Niantic, this rule can always change back and forth multiple times as they hire and fire people.

  • Hi, First off there is actually only 18 of them submitted as poi's. 27 is just the number that the council has painted on the roof to help identify which gazebo you are at if you needed to report anything.

    They arn't all in big groups the area you have taken a screenshot of is the main concentrated area. its actually a really nice place to go and visit. The other main area of Gazebo's span over a large area, to walk to them all will take around 45-60min.

    By definition these are Gazebo's, yes they are boring to look at but so is most of the poi's currently being approved. These are at least in a public park to help encourage people to get out and see the area. It would be a shame if you planned a afternoon there and the one gazebo that was left available did not have a poi at it.

    People seem to think all Gazebo's are supposed to look like a rotunda. but not every local council has the budget to build a fancy looking Gazebo in there parks.

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    people gather at burger king and mcdonalds too, should everyone of those be a portal too? gazebos is a bad portal poi ....

  • Pickings are slim in some places. Can't discriminate because some Podunk & Bogan locations can't do any better. Not everything can be gems like Singapore and Tokyo.

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    Its been clarified that businesses like Burger King and McDonalds don't count as a POI. If you had read the guidelines of what does and what doesn't you would know this when submitting new portals. Also that is not a Gazebo its a Pavilion and yes it still counts as a POI.

  • My twopenn'orth; the only difference between two picnic tables under a shelter, and just two picnic tables, is the roof. If its an entire picnic area with a discernible boundary, maybe submit the entire area with the portal at the centre, but I'm not convinced that "anything with a roof" is a good way forward.

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