[IDEA] Before submitting, list the existing POI's names without any distance or coordinates to them

Sorry if someone posted this idea before. We have all seen feedback on how not all POI are visible to Pokemon players when they're playing or submitting new Wayspots.

The ones that know how to look at them (in IITC and such) end up finding a way... I can see the advantages and disadvantages of showing a map of all existing wayspots in all games when submitting. It either can legitimately help a submitter to send a new waypost or, on the other hand, help him to move the location of his marker to get another Wayspot...

What if we could provide players with a list of names of the existing wayspots in all games?

So, if I'm in a park and I see an outdoor fitness gym, I pull PoGo, click on the nomination and I'd be provided with a list of existing wayspots:

"Before submitting, check if your submission won't be a duplicate of these nearby wayspots"

  • Playground
  • Pergola
  • Outdoor Fitness Gym
  • Basketball court

This without any info on distance and coordinates. In my view, this could help players to avoid duplicates, reduce their frustration and avoid maps being exploited that much.

Just my 2 cents.



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