Operation: MMXX New decade (Vancouver Island, Canada, IVIE)

edited January 2020 in SITREPs

Date: Jan 4, 2020

Stats: Layers –11 layers totalling 1.8 million MU. The layers hit hit 9 CPs

Operator/Architect: Zathas

Herder-of-cats: mxxw

Smashers, Clearers, Flippers, Supporters, Throwers, Lurkers and General Shenanigans

@fearglas @wwwabbit @playitloud @younghoncho @d0wnshift @Cyfer66 @glasswiz @baconators @snaxe @Nysr @mxxw @nikolawannabe @Salinthel @Rcstozu 

Background: It’s a new decade and we haven’t thrown an op! PANIC!!!!

After we finished panicking, we looked at the keys on hand, we looked at the links on hand and put together a draw. The draw used an existing baseline from Portland Island to Blyn Art Wall. This was also the last link ever thrown by mxxw’s Pixel 2 before it sunk into the briney deep, so a field seemed a fitting memorial for that fine phone. RIP Pixel 2. 

The Op:  Every single blocker in Canada was green. Our American friends got to use some bursters, while the rest of revved up the ADA and flipped our way to clear lanes. Then the layers went up. Checkpoint happened and the year and the decade was off to a good start.

Full sit rep and pictures here:


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