13 Archetypes: Spiritualist



  • Took about hour from start to finish. There are more than enough hints to get it done.

    The hardest part is to wrap your head around the first step...the clues in the original post are good...

    My hint for those still hopelessly stuck on step one and I think this is a clever puzzle once you get past it...focus on the "a" in password...it's not "à" but "a" and who malinche helped....the password has been stated in a comment already but it may not be obvious. 😉

  • For the gender/FBM decoding step, one trick is that even though most people are familiar with the code, one often thinks of it as a 2-symbol coding system. Yet it does need an extra concept to allow unambiguous decoding when transmitted as a sequence of concatenated symbols (i.e. technically to make it a "prefix code").

    Then, based on the repetition of the symbols, there is only one way to map the 2 symbols and the extra concept to the FBM.

    Be sure to double-check your decoding too (or use a tool). I initially dismissed this solution because of a decoding typo!

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    If you already have 27 M/F/B then stuck, I recommend to replace M/F/B into any simple symbol.

    Easier to have insight.

  • There were not so many Bs, so it helped me to take them out and look at what the MFs could be.

  • Jesus! The 3rd step was so simple, but I was insisting on looking and counting too much in the source.

    Hint: The fact that man, woman, both are 3 things totally confused me! Better would be to have something, something different, nothing since there are only 2 symbols and nothing!

    You have the sequence of those 3, now just translate :)

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    I had the triple problem of not using the "authoritative" reference for the genders, resulting in a bad code, but I was also thinking of this as a ternary code which resulted in a lot of wasted time. It *is* a ternary code but not really...

    All it took was stepping away and I immediately had it. So if you're confused stop hammering at it

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    Argh. Funnily enough I would have gotten it last night if only it was cis, I could have deduced the rest.

  • grass and flower in native ruins me all

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    flower is doable. i had no idea what the word for grass is and was able to solve it. i found it now, but either my google-**** is not strong enough, or it really is very very hard to find this particular one.

    Edit: And just about 40 minutes later I realize my mistake. It was just a lack of interest.

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    Well, NOBODY expects the Spanish inquisition. Especially not here.

  • I would like to give these challenges a go but I have no idea where or how to start...Anyone willing to help?

  • Ack my second char is a B and not am M. Which one of us is wrong? Note I have not solved it and getting those chars right is what I am wondering. I used two sources and neither one works.

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    You really should look for faction chats regarding the event, they could help you along the way.

    In this case, focus on the hint question and take a look at the related wikipedia page.

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    I had the similar issue, you can either find the correct source the designer used or if you have enough bits that are correct you could lookup the rest against some ingress related database on the internets to correct your M's F'S and B's either way the M/F/B part isn't the whole passcode you still have more decoding Todo after that step...

  • I found and solved it quickly. I spend about 3 hours working out possibilities with a bad sequence. Wikipedia will 100% not work. Also real knowledge of Egyptian gods will not work as well With Wikipedia you can have the correct number of M's/F's/B's and still be wrong. You have to use a specific web page to solve this which I never found. Instead of looking at sex or gender aspects, look at whether they have ever had a female counterpart to determine your B's. For example Hapi is a male god with large breasts and has androgynous aspects. But no female counterpart. So Hapi would be male. And Anubis was a male god who in late dynasty had a female aspected counterpart. So Anubis would be both. I am only stating things here because after pulling the rest together your attempt to solve it can completely fall apart if your browser points you to a different authority. Again, I never did find what authority they got it from.

    It was a fun ride though!

  • I got grass and flower from different dictionary - looked up by different historical name of the native language, or the name of the language family. That was especially tricky for the "flower" translation, which had similar word but different spelling.

  • XM totally makes sense, xm grows into idea, the idea is something you can verify by typing into cryptobin.

  • So I went down a rabbit hole on the second stage. I found tantalizingly geeky references when using the Wikipedia disambiguation page for each keyword. The only one that didn't have an obvious thing was the liquid, so presumed a chemical formula. I was convinced I was on the right track when I found an dreamer reference to a word we used in a previous puzzle. At one point I had the key ending in a number for the meaning of life, the universe, and everything; which just has to be spiritual! But still, the puzzle wouldn't solve completely.

  • The second one wasn't working too well with the proper translation, but I finally found brightly colored words on GIS that came from Pinterest of all places that fit everything.

    Still haven't worked on part 3 yet, went way down the wrong rabbit hole on that.

  • I was trying to redeem from Intel. And after several attempts that resulted in "invalid code," one in particular proved to me that it was "too hot."

    I went to Ingress Prime, to the store, and it ended up giving me invalid too. For a minute I thought that was the right one. 😫

    But I also got somewhat hopeful knowing that there are many of us who tested the same (incorrect) code.

    I'm stuck like many in the gender part. Last night in 1 hour I managed to get very easy to step 3. 4 more hours to get the 27 words, but there I stayed.

  • Yeah, Sure:

    NIA takedown in progress. Stand by.

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    I'm still stuck in part 3.

    Is that an anagram puzzle?

    I reconstruct some letters to form words, ex: king, queen.

    Is that a right path?🤯

    Finally, got it.

    Thank kind people for helping me.😆

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    It’s not the right path ... the letters are in the right order. There are a lot of clues throughout this thread to nudge you through part 3

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    Step 1 was super direct in hint and after I understod that I had to refresh the page I was in. Guessing how to find the words to the crossword and then hunt them down was fun.

    Now -> I have been stuck for hours with the finished crossword and whatever I do nothing is right! Oh yes I am refreshing the page every time, and trying A and a. I must be guessing wrongly what to do with the 1,1,3,5,4,2? Do the green ones matter at all? (they seem to be repeats of 1 and 1b)

    I have been saddened by reading on from page 2 to 9 in search of clues to how to use the solved crossword and apparently this is so simple that there has been only about three mentions of it but otherwise I am completely certain I will breeze right past step 3 because the solutions are really directly described in these pages. Too bad, I was really enjoying how this week has several steps to untangle.

    So since step 3 is so thoroughly described, any help for a really frazzled puzzler caught up on how to land step 2? I have gotten the inkling that I need 6 letters to put in bin 2, not 8 letters. There is almost no possibility at all that I have been able to get wrong words to fit, I have scanned the numerous iterations almost all words had. Obviously the word for ocelot was a good place to start, and gives three fixed points :) Like many said, with grass it was harder to find the one that fit but once I found it I have found it again and again in many sources.

    In addition to the first way of arranging them (like they were given) I have looked in to anagrams (none) and arranging them descending down the crossword and right to left across the crossword. In my state I feel like the next stop would be brute forcing attempts but I think this leads to n! possibilities and no one has hinted to a step like that . I also looked at what letters I would get if I counted backwards, did not seem likely.

    A couple of people have said that there is something kind of obvious in the crossword that gives the key. To go back and study the doc itself. Oh man I can't see it. not in the filename, and I can't see anything hidden. The two green letters are no help. I disregarded possibilities that I could find directly from the page, a solve like that would really sour people who went through the trouble of translating.

    Q1: Am I right to think count to letter 1 in this word, count to letter 1 in next word, count to letter 3 in next word and onward? If not this would be the obvious flaw.

    Q2: Am I right I need 6 letters?

    Q3: Do the green letters do anything at this particular stage? (I feel they could be another red notes and unused boxes)

    Q4: Having come to page 9, is there any other nudge you feel I need to understand how to use my letters?

    Now I,m going to bed, several hours too late, I hope I dream of Mayan life 600 years ago.

  • One letter for each word.

    You should be familiar with the green highlighted letters, for they keep you on the right path.

    Look at the doc again if you don't know where to use the result.

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