TESSERA Round 6 - Who Killed Osiris Hank Johnson?

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Truthseekers: Only three more domes from the 1218 incident, Secrets of the Shield, I think we are close to revealing our roles in completing the Tessellation and the outcomes.

For this Tessera, We are back to the Eastern Hemisphere. The forecast for Tessera drop is January 18th 19th, 2020, after 18:00 UTC. The specific time and Prediction Window, I'm afraid, are still pending. Unlike the Griffith Observatory, the start point of this one should be a lot more specific.

I'll be back when I know more.



Drop time 18:30 UTC. The Prediction Window 4 Hrs.


Just received from the Tethered Hand - When the Tessera is retrieved through passcode redemption, Off-site Agents are eligible as Discoverers, but only after their on site Discoverer. In other words, each faction's Discoverers won't be counted until their on-site Discoverer has posted their screenshot of the Tessera in the appropriate thread.


The partial clue is here.

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