[IDEA] Dark XM Cube

The idea is simple, a consumable item that doubles the Ap earned in game actions by 30 Minutes. This item can be purchased at the in-game store.

As this consumable is for private use and will not benefit other players such as Fracker, its price could be affordable. Allowing any player to buy.

1 Cube -> 1,000 CMU

5 Cubes -> 4,000 CMU

10 Cubes -> 7,000 CMU

This item, as well as other purchase items (Key Locker and Fracker), will be very rare and cannot be dropped for other players.

Only the player who buys this item may use it.

After the player activates this item, a cube time counter would start. This counter would be on the left side of the screen and below the button to use Power Cubes.

It could also activate some effects on the player gauge, such as some dark XM particles appearing in the player's range circle. (this I didn't know how to do in photoshop)


Why Dark XM Cube?

According to 'Ingress - The Animation' the dark XM is the pure XM, much more intense and unstable.

Following this logic, when we perform scanner actions under the effects of dark XM, these actions will be influenced and generated a 2x stronger effect, the 2x AP.

Would this item break the game? The answer is no!

With the possibility that players can reset their progress through recursion, the game balance will always be maintained. Players who reach the maximum level (L16) can do the recursion again as many times as they wish.

For players who have not yet made any recursion, there is another factor. The medals will still be a limiter in the player's progress. Even if this player wears the item without the required medals, the player will not level up.

Why do I think this item is good for the game?

1. It will be an item that will make the game a little more profitable.

2. Price is affordable for everyone.

3. Will not break the Game Balance.

4. Only the player you buy will use.


Any additional questions about the idea, I will be willing to answer.

Thanks for listening

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