TESSERA Round 6 - Preview

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Truthseekers: I have a new message from the Tethered Hand. There will be a slight rules change for the forthcoming Round 6 Tesserae.

The Tesserae will still only be available for a week from when they drop. You will be given clues to their location. The first three Agents from each Faction who retrieve these Tesserae and make a verified post in the appropriate thread will still be eligible to earn Discoverer Status. The verified First Discoverer will still earn 1 Discovery point for their Faction.

What's changed:

This time around, each of these Targeted Tesserae will be assigned a specific prediction window; windows for some Tesserae will be longer than others. The window begins when the clue drops, and the end of the window will be specified in the clue post. Discoverers will ONLY receive a chance to make a Prediction if at least one member from each Faction succeeds in hacking the Tessera and posting about it in the forum within the prediction window. If one or both Factions fails to do so, Nemesis will automatically earn two Placement Points for that Tessera. Once the prediction window ends, theses Tesserae will still be acquirable for the remainder of the week, but no one who hacks the media after the window will be eligible to make a Prediction.

Oh, and one other thing: The Tethered Hand is pretty sure a lot of you have already guessed the location of some of the upcoming Portals. They wanted to make clear that the Tesserae at these locations will not be acquirable until the corresponding clue drops on the forum.

Additionally, the Tethered Hand is aware that, since earning the right to make Predictions in this scenario involves a bit of cross-faction cooperation, there does exist the opportunity for one Faction to refrain from hacking during the window specifically to prevent the other Faction from getting a guess. But the Tethered Hand says that this was by design; They want to see if the Factions will work together against Nemesis, or will sabotage each other to the benefit of Nemesis.


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