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    The entire system seems to have issues now people have had basketball courts, pavilions and baseball fields denied locally in the last week. I don't understand why all of a sudden it seems people just are finding ways to reject but it has gotten flat out absurd. An agent getting 1* cultural on pavilion and a baseball field along with a fellow level 40 pogo having an indoor basketball court at a rec center with a streetview rejected.

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    Folks, since it is clear that Niantic wants us to use their Wayfarer Criteria Clarifications form on the Wayfarer site, I suggest that you construct your questions around it. And don't be afraid to use someone else's questions if you think it is a good one. Niantic has made it clear that the more questions they receive about a particular area, the more likely they will add clarifications about it.

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    May we then have a new thread where we encourage people to formulate the best questions for others to copy? Personally, I'd like to ask questions related to the old CAG.

  • For the next AMA we could use some clarification in the trailmarker discussion. This one is getting out of hand in The Netherlands. We have 'Junction' points (Knooppunten) for both hikers and cyclers (sometimes even horseriders). Those junctions can come in 3 variants: The one with a map, the poles and some attached to streetlights.

    They are all part of one or several routes as soon on my attachment. At this point the maps are always accepted, the poles like 50/50 and the ones on streetlight mostly rejected. Despite that all of them are registered at the same website. (same website that can be used to make yourself a cool hiking / cycling route) In The Netherlands basicly all cycling roads are also accesible for walking too.

  • NIA Ops clarified this in the G+ era, that only the top down Satellite view was definitive. However, they also said they'd look into whether it was possible for a Maps container to have that isometric view disabled, and never said anything since.

    @NianticCasey Maybe can we have this ruling added to the new clarifications?

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    edited January 2020

    FYI (and Niantics, should they read this)

    It is not possible to overwrite it completely

    You can however force top down but you'll have to reset that every time someone zooms.

    Edit : from the Google Maps API

    Enabling and Disabling 45° Imagery

    You can disable 45° imagery by calling setTilt(0) on the Map object. To enable 45° imagery for supported map types, call setTilt(45).

    The Map's getTilt() method will always reflect the current tilt being shown on the map; if you set a tilt on a map and then later remove that tilt (by zooming the map out, for example), the map's getTilt() method will return 0.

  • Thanks for the feedback @Perringaiden and @XQlusioN, I'll take this feedback to the Wayfarer team to see what they say.

    From my perspective, it looks like the accuracy of the 45º view isn't great, so I don't think that the guideline to accept only top-down satellite view will change.

  • The problem is that Wayfarer completely lacks this specification, and Google Plus AMAs are not saught nor readily accessible, so a lot of people are getting their nominations incorrectly moved during the review process. The 3D satellite view often comes up as default in the areas with it, so reviewers have to make a conscious effort to change it.

  • Awesome to hear! Default or not, could it be part of the guide for moving things? Appreciate everything you're doing

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