When will the game be fixed

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When will the game be fixed?

intel down.

several times a screen pops up to choose faction.

passcodes which cannot be retrieved?

with an becomming smaller player base the servers should be able to handle al the request i guess.

or is Nia shutting down servers also



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    Given they're also allowing spoofers to run rampant, I doubt they've got the expertise to fix anything!

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    In my experience, spoofing has been on the decline. And the TR program appears to be getting the most rampant of the remaining ones.

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    lol. 32 accounts and counting for a spoofer in our area. Takes days and days and days for Niantic to take any actoin (apart from close tickets which is usually done within minutes!). Certainly not getting better and certainly not getting most the rampant ones.

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    Have you been submitting them to the TR bot? Or are they inner city stuff that's impossible to really prove?

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    Lots of TR reports. Travelling between remote mountain tops 100's of KM's apart in mere minutes to link/field.

    Inner city stuff is also easy to prove when travelling 10-15km in 5mins as well as getting to the top of hills/mountains in 5-10min when the walk takes 30-45 mins.

    This dude is so cocky he's even created videos showing his code and him spoofing and brags about his achievements in Pogo discord channels. Even with all this proof Niantic still take days and days to ban (if they can even be bothered doing that!).

    Niantic's systems are so broken even a 1yr old could spoof. Pretty pathetic how easy this guy is doing it using free python GPX tools and other software testing products.

    BTW, the problem is so bad we have an Xfac team submitting reports. As far as we're concerned, if we (i.e. xfac team) submit multiple reports for the same accounts then they should be banned. None of this BS we go through with Niantic just to have reports ignored and closed.

  • It doesnt sound like you are using the Trusted Reporter (TR) process in Telegram. This is the exact type of problem that Niantic created the TR program for. It sounds like you are using the help bot from in game. The TR bot is in Telegram

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    BTW, the problem is so bad we have an Xfac team submitting reports. As far as we're concerned, if we (i.e. xfac team) submit multiple reports for the same accounts then they should be banned. 

    Sorry, but you don't get to be judge, jury and executioner, just because you have a few people from each side. Also, I don't believe you when you say you're sending this to TRs, because if you were, the conditions you described would get them banned.

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    I get daily on login pick faction.. have to close app 5-10 times before i can get in normal.. this is frustrating...

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    You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Here are just a few of the report numbers.













    #RTR_2019_0390 f







    One of the sensational responses.

    And despite the spoofer travelling 120km in 29mins and up a remote mountain ar 2:30am,no action was taken

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    Oh, and before you accuse us of not submitting appropriate reports, here's one that was submitted and closed with no acrion after a TR escalated.

    EDIT: I have now removed the spoofers IGN given they've now been banned.

    Spoofer account name: IGN_Removed

    Time of action: 00:04 (UTC+10:30)

    Portal Link:


    This account captured a strategic zero signal portal after travelling to it in impossible time

    from another strategic portal.

    The following sequence of actions is impossible in these times.

    At 22:21 the account was seen at an urban portal in Canberra.

    22:21    IGN_Removed    captured Central Trees


    At 23:31 They destroyed resonators on Barren Jack Mt Walking Track which is impossible in this time.

    To get here from the previous portal would required approximately 2.25 hours (1.5 hours driving + 45 minutes walking)

    23:31    IGN_Removed    destroyed a Resonator on Barren Jack Mt Walking Track


    After this the account captured the strategic, very low signal portal at Tallowa Dam.

    From Barren Jack Mt Walking Track to the Dam would take roughly 3.75 hours 

    45 minutes to walk to a vehicle, and 3hours+ driving time to the Dam)

    This account did it in less time than it would take a real person just to walk back to their vehicle!

    00:04    IGN_Removed    destroyed a Resonator on Tallowa Dam

    00:05    IGN_Removed    deployed a Resonator on Tallowa Dam

    00:05    IGN_Removed    captured Tallowa Dam


    Next the account appeared in Cowra in impossible time.

    This is about a 4.5 hours drive from Tallowa Dam, but IGN_Removed did it in less than 2 hours.

    01:54    IGN_Removed    destroyed a Resonator on Memorial Avenue History Sign

    01:54    IGN_Removed    captured Memorial Avenue History Sign

    01:54    IGN_Removed    deployed a Resonator on Memorial Avenue History Sign


    The account was then seen in Young, which should be about a 50 minute drive:

    02:27    IGN_Removed    destroyed a Resonator on Young Golf Club and Gleneagles Function Centre

    02:28    IGN_Removed    destroyed a Resonator on Microbats In The Young Shire

    02:28    IGN_Removed    captured Young Golf Club and Gleneagles Function Centre


    27 minutes later the account appeared in Wee Jasper which is about 2 hours drive from Young

    02:55    IGN_Removed    destroyed a Resonator on Dawn

    02:55    IGN_Removed    deployed a Resonator on Dawn

    02:55    IGN_Removed    captured Dawn


    This activity follows the same pattern of behaviour we have seen from numerous other spoof accounts

    in the area in recent weeks which are all controlled by the same person who brags openly about it

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    Oh wow. Within minutes of posting this and making a mockery of Niantic's processes, boogy was banned. Coincidence?

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    There is a minor issue where accounts will appear to be active (not banned, you can still view their profile) in the scanner, but they are apparently “banned enough” for Niantic to reset portals. It’s… confusing, and depending on how often banned accounts appear as not-banned, likely a strong contributor to the perception that Niantic doesn’t take action.

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    So what I get from this is, there is 1 spoofer in your area who keeps making accounts, TR's keep getting them banned, and the process is working. I never claimed there were no spoofers, but overall, globally the trend is downward. Yes, you have a problem spoofer in your area, and in time they'll be caught. But given that you can't name any of the accounts now, they've been successfully banned.

    My issue is with your claim that because you have a cross faction reporting group, you should immediately warrant auto-bans. That's not only absurd and easily abuseable, but we know from long tradition that Niantic doesn't care about the faction of the players reporting, because they go off facts, not communal head nodding.

  • When will niantic make ingress classic again?

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    That's an easy one. Never. I prefer the old interface, but I'm realistic and I can only hope they continue to fix the irritating stuff in Prime. There has been a number of good changes since Redacted went away.

  • I want the Xm and portals to be distinguishable again. Can't call any changes good until I can tell what the map is showing.

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    It's phone/hardware issues. I only have problems to see things when I'm in the sun, because the brightness.

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    Unfortunately that is happening though. The local ingress players here have formed an xfac discord and they are reporting any new account they see, and saying it is a spoofer account even if it is not. And Niantic is just believing what they say and banning accounts **** nilly.

    I personally know of 4 new legit players in Canberra that have been banned from the reports of this xfac discord group. It is impossible for a new player to start playing the game here because they get banned within days. Novoca1ne, FrostBeast, vitax and whomever else in their xfac discord just report any new player they see. FrostBeast tags the account in coms with "BMKFBC" I assume so he can gather the stats to report it to the discord where Novoca1ne here then starts spamming the TR bot from what I can see in this thread. Fair enough to report accounts that are cheating I'm 100% down with that, but the issue is they are unable to determine cheating players from real players accurately, and real players are being banned as a result. So this xfac discord is actually causing the new player base to become extinct here, and I don't see it stopping any time soon.

    They are **** themselves in the foot with this rubbish behaviour, and then they whinging about spoofers.... it is literally impossible to start the game new as a legit player now because they just ban you when you try by bulk flooding reports.

    I tried to play legit and got banned.. twice now... maybe even 3 times. And yea whatever it's not so bad that I got banned because I was cheating as well as my legit account, so maybe I run afoul of the multi-account rule by having legit account and cheat accounts? But surely you'd ban the cheating accounts and encourage the legit account would you not? And I know 3 other players that have started up playing 100% legit and been banned by this mob flooding in bulk reports. I even tell Novoca1ne here my legit account so he (and the others) can watch it in the activity and see that I am being legit with it.

    The three legit players banned by this callous mob are: RoastedPotatoes, CptLulz and Ag3nt3l3v3n please have a look at the data and you will see that they are legitimate players and they have been banned by the reports of this callous xfac Judge Judy task force. But Judge Judy does a better job definitely than these people.

    Also look at the data of the account 2legit2exist, I played it 100% legit and I said to them I will play it legit, and they still reported it and banned it..... but here they are whinging about spoofers? Pfffft please. I think they want me to continue spoofing, why ban my legit account if you don't want me to spoof?

    Also they have been putting in false reports to have pokestops and gyms removed by Niantic in our area, here is some pictures from discord where one of them that came in saying such things, talking about the removal of The Blue Robot pokestop in our area which is in ingress but since been removed from Pogo. Angelic Spray can was removed from both games and Devil in a Top Hat is also removed from Pogo after they make these threats. I know who this player is making the threats, but I'm not naming them as they assure me they are not part of this callous reporting group, and are just reporting what they have seen the group say. So this xfac group are putting in fake reports and having gyms and pokestops removed from Pogo as well.

    The legit players have put in ban appeals to Niantic but they get ignorant responses, sometimes not even related to a ban appeal, sometimes saying they can't match an account to the email.... The system is very broken, I think there are monkeys at the Niantic help desk who just push buttons and send whatever script they think is appropriate, possibly they do not even understand english? I put in ban appeal for an account I tried to play legit with and the response was about a strike 1 warning and how my gameplay will restore in 7-10 days.... like I'm totally banned how is a script about strike 1 warning relevant..... just totally useless.

    So essentially in summary, poor behaviour by local Ingress players that are getting legit ingress players banned on nothing other than suspicion, and reporting pokestops and gyms to NIA for removal, is seeing them get spoofed. They have been told this yet they continue, so personally I think they are enjoying being spoofed because still they continue, and I will continue to spoof them whilst this crappy behaviour continues by them.

    And Niantic should be concerned that these players can have any new ingress player removed from the game at will, and also POIs removed from wayfarer at will, obviously your system of verification is failing, so they will destroy your game by putting in these fake requests and creating POI deserts.

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    You seem to be under the misconception that players ban players, Once again, this is simply not true.

    In short, NIA Ops does their own investigation on reports and takes action as they deem fit, not as requested by the reporting players. If these accounts were legit, they would not have been banned.

    You stated yourself you have "3 legit accounts and 3 cheating accounts". How do you expect to be taken seriously?

    I will continue to spoof them whilst this crappy behaviour continues by them.

    And there it is.

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