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1) Is there a fix for the scrolling in comm and key management area? In COMM, when i scroll up to see activities..the COMM page refreshes suddenly and comes back to the latest comm activity. I need to tap and hold the comm page to see earlier activities.

2) Also in key management, the key thumbnail are so big it takes a while to scroll to the last key. Not good.

3) NEW: Is there a possibility of adding an update in linking area, where we can see 4 Zones based on directions- North, South, East, West.. And the respective keys sorted into these directions so as to see which direction the next link goes!

The compass gets overlayed on the map with keys corresponding to directions next to its. (Image can't be linked, pfft)

So it will be a third type of classification of keys based on Direction, after Distance and Name(alphabetical order).

4) Better icons and colours are needed. For example the capsule management, in which 'select all 100' icon doesn't make sense. And the purple colour throughout the map. Please make it customisable.



  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I believe the key management problem isn't because the picture is big, but the scroll button is small and slow. Should be the same size as redacted and as fast as it.

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