Operation Sandomingo

Link established

Situation Report:

Operation codename: "Sandomingo"

Operation target: Cover two big cities in the south of Poland

Outcome: Resistance gain all victory Sandomingo!

Warm evening wind brings blue layers over cities of Kraków and Kielce. Main baselink splitted Lesser Poland in halves, and on each side Resistance Agents successfully created 26 layers - 52 in total

MU captured for southern fields: 19,5 M

MU captured for northern fields 11.5 M

Total MU captured: 31 M

Agents involved:

Intel operator: @VJFTC2MF

Field Agents:

@muczacz @SirOper @Makadi88 @k041 @Tuptam @Enderand @TaHogatha @wienio85 @bociankowa @Piglet @Coniunctivus @AchtiCK


south: @Ibiquer @Rivendel616 @Enderand

north: @KapseI @TheLaraBlack @BlueAla @Luki483

west (anchor outbound): @DarkMesiash @sako922 @Diamentowa78

east (anchor outbound): @panfolek

Two Agents, @Rivendel616 and @BlueAla, earned their first onyx Illuminator badges.

Agent Diamentowa78 earned golden Illuminator badge.

Big beer for everyone. You deserve it!

Link destroyed



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