Forced edit locations, big problem, easy? solution

Hi all, I've seen some posts about how full of fake portals, duplicated and over-high density areas are filling the map.

As others, I really miss more actions ( and harder ) agains WF bad actors, but also, there's a big design issue in the system: edit location space requirements criteria.

All games, POGO, HPWU and Ingress have their own space requirements for POIs due to its different mechanics. All these criteria are fully functional at the POI creation moment, so, if it's "too near" it's denied or doesn't show or is a pokestop or a gym, etc ...

The issue comes on a location edit, where suddenly all these criteria are completely ignored, making the system work following jungle law and making it too easy to bypass any game rule. We can see the consequences with areas with absurde high density areas, full of POIs and unplayable.

The solution should be as "simple" as making edits works justs the same as new requests and meet the same space requirements critera.


  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Ingress uses 20m radius rule. Pokémon uses s17 and HP s18. This means that poGo is the game with less waypoints, so of course are the more interested in location edits.

    I personally think that s17 is to big, and hide so many waypoint that aren't so close of each other. I would suggest to apply s18 rule in pokemon too, or a 30m rule. This alone will probably low the amount of edits by more than half.

    Other solution would be periodically recalculating which waypoint became active in that cell, when it have 2 or more.

    Or just made it 1:1 in every game. It may be overlapping in rare occasions, but I doubt anyone will be complaining.

  • s3w2s3w2 ✭✭✭

    1:1 would be nice for all platforms. It would be consistent from a design perspective. But, by now, the cat is out of the bag which means that some players won't be satisfied with the 20m rule as well.

    I believe that there would be a significant number of players pushing portais in false locations and then moving them together. It's really about the max number of portals/pokestops they can shove in a tight place...

  • It's not really about how the game should or shouldn't work, what I mean is that at least it should work the same way both at new request and at edit.

    Due to this malfunction there are portals almost one over another

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    The only space requirement is the 20m one. But yes, if a portal is moved next to another, it should abolish one of them.

    • If a Pokestop is moved to a Z17 cell that already has a Pokestop, the system should pick which one survives and the other should go.
    • If a Gym is moved to a Z14 cell that already has too many Gyms, one of them should downgrade to a Pokestop (and if it's placed in another Pokestops' Z17 cell, see above)

    The only real issue with location edits, is people packing Pokestops after they're created. They should remove one instead of letting them both survive, and people would be far less eager to stack them.

  • Exactly, just a note. These players will continue stacking POIs if the game allows to do that.

    It's the game which must not allow this option.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2020

    Not remove, but disable. For example it would still show up in wayfarer as duplicate. Other solution would be limit each portal how many times he can be edit, like one in his lifetime. If he ended up in wrong location would need a call from support team, or a "trusted editor".

    And I'm not sure because I don't play HPwu since the launch, but a recently moved portal that were a greenhouse (the one of the plants), now became a regular inn (with green roof), and other portal became, that were a blue inn became a greenhouse. It seems like they already know how to perform the trick, just need to add this code to pokemon and see a lot a broken hearts and less pointless edits (ingress view).

  • Operation Pokéstop Refusal and trusted editor in a single post.

  • Once again, this forum is overrun with PoGo = cancer.

    All these POIs already exist in-game. Let's eliminate them from Ingress as well then if you all want to be so elitist.


  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Its not prejudice against players from other games, but these rules create new ways to cheat exclusive for those who play the other game. Niantic should either make all game with the same waypoints available or be effective in prevent gaming abuses.

  • Or...

    People could just accept that different games have different rules and stop trying to game it.

  • Not remove, but disable. 

    That would require some sort of automated system that contains all the "Too Close" submissions as well, and automatically restores them when a portal is moved away. Nice, but a lot of extraneous effort for what should be minimal cases if there weren't a bunch of malicious PoGo editors.

  • Because Ingress never had malicious submissions?

    Btw, what happened to all the quitters who claimed PoGo bad reviewers were causing them disagreements? Did they really quit? Did they keep quiet when RedSoloCup said that there were pre-approved submissions going in that would affect those who reviewed wrongly?

    Ingress is full of abuse. Stop shoving blame elsewhere for bad behaviour honed by elitists for years.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    You're intensive defending pogo, but you forgot that "cells" is a thing only in pogo, so obviously all location edits with this intention is exclusive to pokemon players.

    The amount of edits done by ingress players for all reasons possible (be close to home, allow one more portal, destroy a field, etc) are not even close to the amount of edits putting portal in the wrong location just to make a new pokestop.

    It's not telling that it's community it's worse, is just that they are bigger, and they have less points of interaction. In pokemon view only they're doing good: one portal in The wrong location but this will make one more. Win-win.

    The problem is Niantic say it's wrong but does nothing. We have double work at wayfarer because the massive amount of edits, telling us the "the right choice is correct".

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