Perpetua Hexathlon event detail updates

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We are aware that this announcement was released on another social channel earlier today. Below you’ll find the most up to date and accurate information. We apologize for the confusion. 

We’d like to share confirmed details regarding the upcoming Perpetua Hexathlon on Saturday, February 29th. 

You will have 30 minutes to hack the check-in portal to receive your instructions, followed by 90 minutes to complete six individual challenges. Agents who complete all six challenges will receive the Perpetua medal; those who complete the Hexathlon and place in the top 10% in their city for any challenge will also receive the Elite version of the Hexathlon medal. Additionally, any Agents who have earned an Elite Hexathlon medal from the previous Field Test event but do not reach Elite at the Perpetua Hexathlon, your scanner will maintain its Elite medal.

Registration through the in-app ticketing system will open next Thursday, January 16th 9AM PST. Registration will not be limited by site, meaning tickets will not run out. 

 All sites will be run in local time, using the following schedule:

  • 2020-02-29 13:30: Check-in portal active
  • 2020-02-29 14:00: Check-in portal inactive
  • 2020-02-29 14:00: Hexathlon starts
  • 2020-02-29 15:30: Hexathlon ends
  • Afterwards: up to your local community!

Individual Challenges:

  1. Collect at least 6 Media Artifacts
  2. Make at least 36 successful portal hacks
  3. Deploy at least 30 Resonators
  4. Deploy at least 12 Mods
  5. Gain at least 30 Glyph Points
  6. Destroy at least 6 Resonators 

We will also be adding new researcher character medals and Digital Readiness Kits for purchase. These will include new medal versions of the Osiris universe researchers Hank Johnson, Yuri Nagassa, and Roland Jarvis. We will announce the availability of the Digital Readiness Kits when they are added to the in-app store. 

While the gameplay is similar to the Field Test from September 2019, this event is a Hexathlon, a new type of event developed through Field Test experimentation. Hexathlon will remain as a competitive event focused on individual achievement, while Field Test will continue testing new gaming mechanics which may potentially evolve into new events, just like Hexathlon. 

While Hexathlon events do not have a physical venue, Agents are encouraged to organize community meet-ups and share photos using the #Ingress and #PerpetuaHexathlon hashtags. 

We currently do not have plans to have additional events, such as GORUCK, OCF, or OPR Live. However, we will prioritize any applications for Mission Days for these cities to make it a fun-filled weekend.  

We will continue to release information about this event as details are confirmed. We appreciate your patience and hope you are looking forward to these events!

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  • That medal is awesome! Definitely going to have to roadtrip it to Adelaide now

  • Shame there's none that I can travel to easily. Ah well.

  • MadReliqueMadRelique ✭✭✭
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    When will we know where the start locations will be? Just wondering because I would like to assess how safe the area where the Tijuana MX location is before deciding to drive down or fly elsewhere.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2020

    Second that question. The previous field test is same medal but two ranks. Are going to be this way?

    That's confusing. By earning elite (all events with same badge) we lost the standard unique badge...

    Or will this be the same medal for perpetua anomaly?

  • Shogun79Shogun79 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2020

    @NianticBrian no off-site participation option?

    My understanding was there will be off-site.

    More information about all of these events will be coming in the following weeks and months ahead. We plan to release the February Perpetua Hexathlon cities next week. All of these events will have free onsite and offsite participation tickets with medals awarded for ticketed participants. Stay tuned for more!


  • Are we able to abstain from participating in a Hexatholon, if there is a concurrent Mission Day?

  • Really? looks like any FS. What disappointment...

  • ModularModularModularModular ✭✭✭
    edited January 2020

    This is how it sounds to me: Everyone earns the Perpetua badge for participating in the February Hexathlon series as long as they meet the minimum requirements. It is similar to an anomaly badge (but not an anomaly badge, cause Hexathlons are not anomalies). If you are in the top 10%, you also get the Elite badge. We don't know if this is tiered or not yet. It sounds like the green/blue Field Test badge is now not related to Hexathlon or they would have put it in the picture, so my guess is that it will just stay on your profile as the Field Test badge. Basically Perpetua is now equal to the blue/green Field Test badge, but a separate new badge, if that makes sense, and then we'll have Lexicon badge for the April series.

  • You can go to any event you like, participation is never required

  • fl00dfl00d ✭✭✭

    The field test last September included a live stat-tracker that allowed the player to keep track of their progress for each category. I found this to be most useful. Can you confirm if this will also be available for this and future hexathlon events?

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2020

    My guess is that they will give two medals, the perpetua and the same of previous field test, if you reach elite. The green/blue is possibly most valuable than elite now...

  • The "test badge" just be "test badge", please given us "activity badge" and "hexathlon counting badge"

  • Thank you for saying what we’re thinking down here!

  • While not ideal, they have recently opened up MD applications and have indicated that Hexathalon sites would get a priority on MD applications so that potentially it could be 2 events in the same city.

  • from the original post above,

    While the gameplay is similar to the Field Test from September 2019, this event is a Hexathlon, a new type of event developed through Field Test experimentation. Hexathlon will remain as a competitive event focused on individual achievement, while Field Test will continue testing new gaming mechanics which may potentially evolve into new events, just like Hexathlon. 

    So it sounds like future Field test events are still on the cards, just that these Feb (and April) events aren't designated Field Tests so it won't award the base/regular Field test (green/blue) medal

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    That's still confusing. If it's a new thing, why give the elite field test badge for hexatlons? And will it override the perpetua the same way it did with the crossbadge from the field test, or player will get 2 badges?

  • @ModularModular I am concerned that Mission Day will coincide with the Hexathalon and the MD portals might include the Check in portal for the Hexathalon. Niantic has chosen not to have POC's, so it is more likely that there will be mistakes, with no check and balances. When organizing an anomaly, there are usually many people checking the viability of what Niantic has chosen to do for an anomaly. Niantic often adjusts many details leading up to the Anomaly, based on feedback from local agents. That's why POC'S are an important facet to any event.

    I am choosing to go be with my faction to support an event in their area. However, I strongly disagree with the Hexathalon format. Therefore, I want to be reassured that I won't get a badge, if I don't hack the sign in portal for the Hexathalon and/or that Niantic doesn't use the same portal to sign in for Mission Day or that one of the missions includes the sign in portal for a Hexathalon. I mean, I would just show up and hope for the best when I get there, but I really want to do a MD and I don't want the disappointment that I would be unable to do it, on the day the event arrives.

    I am fortunate that I am close to the border and can easily go to Tijuana for Feb 29. However, I don't cross very often. I have had my phone stolen out of my hands in a very touristic area. I have not stopped in Tijuana, since that event about 3 years ago. However, the agents in Tijuana are very excited to host this event. I want to support them, because they have always supported San Diego. You can understand , however that I might have several questions and concerns about attending an event there. I am hoping to do MD by vehicle in TJ, if one is accepted.

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