New year, new Mission Day process

Mission Days have been fun and successful events, bringing Factions together and encouraging Agents to explore new cities. As we step into the new decade, we look forward to carrying on this success by supporting more Mission Days across the globe. We are excited to share with you the new Mission Day Guidelines and to open the application form for 2020!

Mission Day Guidelines: 

2020 Application form: 

What’s new:

  • No in-app registration 
  • No physical check-in
  • No need for on-site venue
  • Mission submission through application form
  • Partnership recommended but not mandatory

For complete details, be sure to check out the Mission Day Guidelines, linked above. 

If your city is hosting an Anomaly or a Hexathlon, we will prioritize applications to support Mission Days for these cities.  

We look forward to your submission and making more discoveries in 2020!



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