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    Thank you for the response, this is a great step. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  • My sincerest of apologies. I did not realize that defending ones self after having shade thrown at you was cause for angst. It's a cute little quirk of online discussion that when someone else comments on a person's post it is somehow the original poster that is at fault not the one throwing shade. I'll try to remember in the future when someone is making off comments at me to simply get over myself and take it. Thank you for the lesson.

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    Please put back the update log and post all changes to the Wayfarer help or the coming guide even if it's something simple like "swimming pools were removed to clean up the help section, guidelines on them has not changed". It can be difficult when things appear and disappear without notice or explanation and going through all the information on a regular basis looking for changes gets tiresome and delays individual reviewer and communities acceptance of these clarifications and changes.

    Thanks for these news on these coming changes, I am enthusiastic about them!

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    Before: Incomplete Wayfarer website not really incorporating info from the old site:

    Now: Incomplete Wayfarer website not really incorporating info from the old site:

    Before: Open public input structure, down to specifics, and public answers to these, that (one time) were added to the website, or (traditionally) could be referenced by unofficial "archivist" community.

    Now: Closed, secret input structure, one voice at a time, no "massive likes" on any especially competent question. Answers exist or they don't, they are hidden. As for old questions in the unofficial "archives", when pressed, they have to say yes,

    Do we realise we are literally one web form away from not being able to ask ANY new questions?

  • That form thing is a terrible way to do things. This community is thoughtful and by the posts I see I think a lot of us have local connections to get questions from a larger base and bring them here in an articulate manner. The questions discussion thread and then the actually AMA provided a good level of filtering and consolidating.

    The form is going to see a thousand of the same questions or why was my thing not approved. I hope the inbox doesn't become so overwhelming that they can't do anything.

  • "I hope the inbox doesn't become so overwhelming that they can't do anything."

    Maybe then they could set up a crowd sourced system for players to collectively answer the questions to take the load off of Niantic?

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    There are already a lot of communities that do that though. Discords, reddits, facebooks, even the old G+ pages before that shut down.

    Would be nice to have someone from the Wayfarer team ocassional field questions on things that the criteria doesn't cover too well that even experienced reviewers are unsure of. The AMAs were wonderful for that over the years.

  • The community driven model is a proven failure. For example right now they are telling people that a soccer field is a 3* waypoint over on the subreddit. Unless it comes from an impartial third party there will always be a bias in the information given and the trust will never be there to accept the information.

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    This would be a really good piece of news to put out on that new Telegram channel.

  • It's coming, once we have published something to direct people to @Rostwold 😉

  • People are so confused of the guidelines, it really need a rework and a better test, also Niantic should review e.g. 100 wayspot for each country and randomly show these to reviewers to be able to guide people why review wrong. A possibility to see wayspots we disagreed with the result would also be nice. More examples of what is good and bad would also be nice.


    Is a bar or pub accepteble?

    Under "Ineligible Wayspots" you can find:  Establishments that serve alcoholic beverages like bars and pubs are acceptable. 

    I believe since its in a "Nominations that are images of adult-oriented stores or services" section its e.g. a nice artistic sign that is acceptable even if it is for at bar og pub, not bars an pubs in general. But I know people are unsure of this and so am I.

    Many people also referre to the AMA, but most are unsure in cases where help page on wayfarer says other.

    We need to know what is the newest information.

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    I think the sign in the photo must be for a liquor store. It is clear that bars and pubs should not be rated "1* - adult-oriented stores or services".

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