New Tethered Hand Transmission: Tesserae Round 5 Results

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The results are out. We have finally caught up with Nemesis. Anything can happen before the completion of the Tessellation. but this is a promising start for 2020! Hopefully we will learn the outcomes of winning and losing soon, too.


The Resistance gained 3 points for retrieving the Aurora live drop.


The Prediction for Dalby Station from Enlightened Discoverer Bihotz was logged, but left out in the transmission by accident. Though it did not affect the result, the Tethered Hand sends their deepest apologies for such negligence.

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  • Nice to see that we've prevented Nemesis from gaining for the past three rounds. Looks like we've all got a good handle on the Tessellation's pattern, so far.

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    This has been the case since the beginning. The faction who earns First Discoverer status on a particular Tessera first is the faction who's prediction is shown first in the placement, regardless of order predictions are made in.

    I can understand this might cause some confusion, but as it has been like this since the beginning, where Enlightened faction has had more first-faction Discoverers, you might not have noticed.

    In the end an order has to be chosen on the placement of the Tessera, resulting in that some placements are not being shown.

    Its unavoidable, unless you deliberately choose to show the incorrect placement first when one of the faction's placements is correct. But where's the fun in that..

    *EDIT: I'm talking about the actual placement happening in the video (the Tethered Hand moving the Tessera), not the scorecard after video.

    I agree that both factions predictions should be shown on the scorecard. I also agree that the missing Enlightened prediction should've been part of the video.

    But I disagree that the factions whose placement prediction is incorrect and isn't the first faction to discover it should be acted out by the Tethered Hand for the sake of showing it.

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  • Thank you @HendrikTovenaar for pointing this out. Yes, in the past, it's usually the First Discoverers' faction's predictions will get placed first. If it proves correct, then the other prediction will not be attempted and seen on video. This decision was made to shorten our viewing time.

    To address both perspectives, the Tethered Hand planned to do the same for the placement order, but both predictions for a Tessera will be kept and seen in the title cards of the transmission video.

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