13 Archetypes: Listener



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    I made that comment because some people who were stuck and obviously knew a fair bit about music were making comments here that made it clear they were just starting on the right path but were seriously confused by this one detail. My comment was meant to nudge those people with a “no, it’s ok ... keep going”

  • When I thought about this I went back to see if anything else could be seen this way... I noticed in the Interpreter puzzle that a couple of the glyphs were inverted from what they should be - wondered if that might indicate something...

  • I saw absolutely no hints or even clues with regards to what direction you needed to go..

    so.. those who argue that it wasn't luck... i don't understand..

    it really is luck... granted more a "lucky guess" with basically confirmation that you solved it by it seeing it come out to a keyword and a known suffix.. but.. ya.. i'm calling it a lucky guess. simple. very little skill. even those who had no idea what a sharp or flat was could've manipulated the result to figure out what it could've meant..

    because it sure as hell was not a semitone.

  • I'd love to read these blog posts if you eventually decide to do them. Please share after you started writing them 👍️. I'll gladly offer some additional information if i can. I would have one or two very old 'puzzles' i could reconstruct in a similar fashion, if that would interest you. Unfortunately this forum does not seem to offer DMs.

    @tkh7 I generally agree with you. However, I think that providing feedback is valuable as well (a bit more difficult here, since you don't want to spoil stuff). Sure, a 'this sucks' comment does not really help anyone. But I don't think 'this is my least favorite so far' is an offensive comment. In the end, absolutely we should remind ourselves that someone created those challenges and be respectful/grateful of it.

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    :-O Suddenly the bottom-left clue from Visionary is starting to make sense...

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    Kind words, constructive feedback, valid points, positive trend setting. 🍻

  • Irony is pretty sure i have the keyword and ending but the prefix is still messing with me lol guess i need to sleep

  • I legit have tried to count the notes, I have tried to write ABC on each line, even asked someone to translate it from music notes, I am 100% lost and worse is I'm on mobile so i swear I'm missing something

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    The lines are only half of the work space .

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  • If you are still working on it by focusing on the suffix and you have part of the suffix but think that you're doing it wrong because some characters don't look right, keep going. Don't get derailed if a few characters don't look like what you expected.

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    Converting the notes is only the first step. There’s another translation that needs to be done after that.

    Dont stop just because it doesn’t immediately make sense, keep going!!

  • Yep needed the sleep I just got it finished when I got up. Lol

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    Indeed, I have the letters indicated on my list of maybe useful for later items :-)

    I still haven't gotten what the bottom right is, but as I don't think is needed, I haven't tried all that hard.

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  • I think I see between the different factors why the number of solves goes down for each decode. The decodes feel like they are getting more obfuscated plus each time there are those who just decide to stop at that decode for one reason or another (maybe they finished maybe they didn't).

    I've enjoyed them all so far though I will say this one annoyed me the most just because it felt weird compared to the others. However I will say it also reminded me of one of the others too. Either way.

    Many thanks!

  • The bottom right was specific to that puzzle basically just a word and letters needed for a Google search lol so unless it's bugging you I seriously doubt it will be helpful later but who knows...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Yea, I'm keeping notes and files on each puzzle as I go, so it might just be good to have that in my notes.

  • I have discovered how to translate to letters of the alphabet. However I was stuck on how to decipher the numbers. And I don't find the key word of the challenge either.

    I feel that I approached, but that I was very close to deciphering the code.


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    remember again how you completed the dreamer and skeptic to find numbers 😁

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    If you translated the musical notes correctly, the keyword will jump out you. After that you will still need to complete one more step before you reach the keyword. Don't give up!

  • Massively enjoyed this, and all, the puzzles so far. I've learned new stuff at every step of each one.

    My musical part-knowledge held me up and sent me down any number of rabbit holes!

    I really appreciated that this and The Skeptic didn't require a lot of apps, programs or hairy computer knowledge. That made them both more accessible in my eyes.

    I definitely feel smarter 🤣 and more accomplished with each one I solve.

    I'm especially pleased this one has not been widely leaked (yet :/ ), which takes the joy out of it for those who don't solve it quickly or have time to start on it straightaway.

    I am still helping people who have not yet solved work through this. If this is you, can message me HemlokHex#4451 on discord for a few hints and some encouragement.

  • I had to put it down for a few days. Haven't completed it yet but I plan to pick it back up in a little while. I recall that I had a few string possibilities and I need to apply another step to.

  • I initially went down some serious rabbit holes on this one. While I don't have a lot of experience with music ciphers,(not a lot of people using them these days,) I have studied their history a bit. I'm glad this one wasn't musically complex. With all of the factors of time, tone, and frequency they easily become some of the most permutable ciphers around. So 'easy' sayers beware, you just might get the nightmare music cipher one day.😀

    For those interested in this topic I'd highly recommend reading Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter. Its a classic.

    And as always, Thanks to the creators.

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    @ATR0P0S nice done creating a puzzle where it actually seamed harder to solve because I used to play an instrument and read too much into the notes - and still, some musical knowledge was needed.

    ( but I hated it for a while 🙈😁)

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