Wayfarer "Clarity" updates needed

I was heartened to see @NianticCasey posting directly to one of the largest Wayfarer fan-based Facebook groups. And while I understand that the core support group in Niantic is small and occasionally overwhelmed, there are a few specific things that have yet to be posted in an "official" capacity on the Wayfarer site itself. Without these updates, some of the arguments in those side-channels start to become loud and angry, and in the end counterproductive.

  1. There is only one "Niantic POI Database" and only one "Niantic". An official Niantic employee talking about what is valid/invalid for Ingress portals has just as much weight as one talking about valid/invalid Pokemon stops and gyms. Some of this communication may be via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, these Community Forums, or even ancient AMAs that were formerly hosted on Google+ and are now only visible via the Wayback machine at archive.org or collected by enthusiasts at ingressama.com ; Some was written for "OPR" and some for "Wayfarer" ; and most of which it seems Niantic only considers to be "clarifications" of what they meant, and not actually new rules. (And my personal opinion is, that if Niantic themselves won't replicate the work of ingressama.com, they can at least officially validate that the text contained therein is an accurate copy.)
  2. What is Private Residential Property's definition with regards to Wayfarer? Apparently Niantic made their ultimate decision in the AMAs, partially due to pressure from the PRP lawsuits. Briefly paraphrased, many street addresses have an "easement" that the adjoining landowners do not themselves own but are required to maintain. The AMA stated that, since Niantic cannot possibly ever know all of the distinct rules across the globe, the single rule was to be applied globally: No wayspots on easements, period.
  3. The 1* - 5* subcategory voting needs to be explicitly described. At the very very least, explain that even with a positive rating overall, a 1* vote in many of the categories equates to a "this should not be a portal because..." vote. Too many people incorrectly believe that 1* for Title just means "meh", when they likely should have voted 3* for "meh".
  4. Inaccurate gps location can be considered "abuse". This includes both submitting a wayspot at an inaccurate spot, and submitting an "edit" request to move a POI to an inaccurate location. It may only be a minority of Pokemon players doing this in an effort to generate "more" in-game locations, but there is a great number of them doing this.


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