Invalid Portal Report: Mark 10:14 And Proverbs 8:10

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  • Photos to support claim:

Portal photo

Snippet from Intel Map:

Snippet from Google Maps:

Photos taken onsite when portal was originally reported:

Snippets from Google Street View circa September 2017:

Supporting Statements:

As the photo's and snippets show, this engraving is part of the facade of Charleston Catholic High School, a secondary school in downtown Charleston, West Virginia. This clearly fits the removal criteria of portals that are on school property as stated in "What makes a High-Quality Portal?"

and in "Ingress Portal Criteria" under Please Don't Submit subsection:

In the previous appeal, @NianticKN rejected which is completely out of compliance with establish policy and precedent. This has baffled many long established volunteers who help vet appeals, including @JohnnyAlphaCZ and @Mickster. If the policy regarding POIs on school property have changed, then a clarification is absolutely needed.



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