13 Archetypes: Listener



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  • I can't be, every time I walk away I don't find anything that I can relate

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    Try to work backwards, as you know the last 2 letters of the code, then see if you can get some meaning for the rest. You could end up with a relevant keyword that would confirm your approach.

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    Absolutely, the 2 red notes need an additional transformation that the black notes do not need.

    You are already doing that kind of substitution anyway I suspect you just did it and didn't realise they were the red notes.

    Actually I see they decode out that way too, I went the long way around :)

  • Interesting. This is the first one I am giving up on. Might return in a few days, but for now, I'm done. I have not even a clue of where to start,

    I read the thread, went back to the image and started from scratch with several ideas. I will probably be 'slightly' frustrated when I finally realize the solution...

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    Argh. Somehow I figured out the main part and am stuck on the prefix number. I am ready to be done with this one. It was far more frustrating than fun, as it was made up of 80% red herrings.

    Got it. Was doing something dumb on the number conversion. Still not a fan, though.

  • Telegram...same name...will validate your code but my previous comment has my best hint.

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  • @Stoppermjs I got it right after I complained, as always happens. Thanks, though!

  • Do I need to apply any music knowledge on this hint?

    There are 26 positions but it only takes 25 notes from lowest bass to highest treble. Because the highest note on the keyboard row is equal to the lowest note on piano row. Do I need to consider this?

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    Thanks @ATR0P0S I'm sure plenty enjoy it, but it's not for me.....

  • I've tried putting the notes into the correct places based on scales, but no luck.

    I tried labelling each line A-Z, but still not coming up with anything resembling a keyword or 13AR.

    Really lost on this one, off and on for 13 hours.

  • Same here, cannot even see through the first step.

    I have learned a lot about music notation and ciphers with notations when I tried to solve this puzzle. Though they can not help me with this, still thanks to @ATR0P0S for composing this.

  • I've tried top to bottom, bottom to top, and then both directions splitting them in two (A-M & N-Z) in opposite directions. Then trying all sorts of ciphers to do anything with the results.

    I applaud those of you who can open your minds to see it - until today I thought I was of average intelligence. 😀

  • Finally got it.

    First of all, as everyone has been saying... since we know the suffix, we should be able to verify our method of solving by finding a way to find that suffix... however, initially I started creating the suffix using the unnormalized version (the step before we get to the actual suffix value we all know)... I was using three letters instead of two for the fingers .. so, that was tripping me up. And lastly, I actually had the basic idea of what the key should be from near the beginning, I just was stubborn as to where to start the enumeration (i.e. neither top nor bottom )... and because of all the red herrings, I chose for the longest time to ignore everything but the position... but finally allowed myself to include those that might affect the actual value of the position. putting that altogether... I found the method to validate the suffix... that gave me a valid word for the keyword... and one more decoding of fingers for the prefix... and boom!

    Thanks for all the hints and nudges.

    All in all, while yes... it wasn't really using much of the music music... since it did take me a little longer than usual to find the "simple" solution, the work and sweat made me enjoy the solve.

  • The reason this puzzle is increasing difficult compared to the others is due to starting point being so fragile to the puzzle. The solvers of the other puzzles could give a hint and progress another agent 25% without removing the satisfaction of solving. This puzzle is a house of cards...once one falls, it all tumbles...Every agent that has solved is toeing the line on hints and thus every hint is super vague to keep the validity of the puzzle...its hard not to be frustrated but use the hint I gave and others before me and you will get there as well.

    @ATR0P0S nice puzzle but be careful with single entry. It would be interesting to know how the red dots were meant as an alt entry if they were supposed to be.

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    any other clues?

  • I found this challenge request to be musician to deal with

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    Keyboard and piano are two separate things. Keep them somewhat separate.

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    > It's a long way to the top if you want to succeed with this challenge.

    Part of me thinks we should be consulting a certain rock band that - I believe - hails from Australia based on this clue, but I'm probably overthinking it.

    (I'll be Thunderstruck if I'm on the right track, though.)

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