The Tessellation Primer (Newcomers see here!)

Truthseekers, if you're in this forum, most of are probably already familiar with what's been going on with the Tessellation. But for those of you who came late to the party, here's a video I put together top-lining how it all works:



@GridEXE I think it's always a great idea to communicate the Intel to more people across the world. While I am limited in the breadth of language proficiency, there are a few international intel sites that keep track of your/our progress in the Tessellation rigorously. Here are the ones I know, and thanks to @wikkedimp for initiating this thread in the forum on global investigations.

and yes of course, per @MaxflowO2, A hub that leads to the other hubs: Essex. Ask those around you for the pathway to enter this very sunken ship of hidden treasures.

To all Truthseekers out there, if you know of any other intel sites that could help our new Tesserae hunters, please do not hesitate to share them in the comments.


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