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  • There's something wrong with your formatting. That's just the latest in a long line of posts. I stand by it. The Ingress agents in my area are not even shy about how they are organized to reject anything. They move waypoints to make sure new stops do not show up. I do believe that this is a wayfarer AMA thread though so if you like to discuss the problems with Ingress you should probably do it on that subreddit where it's par for course to bash pogo players.

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    This isn’t a Wayfarer AMA, this is the Ingress AMA, where you’re not supposed to ask about non-Ingress related games/lasagna.

  • Well it's in a Wayfarer category in a chat where like questions have been asked. If you have the power to delete the questions please do so. I am an Ingress player so I have as much right as anyone to ask questions related to Wayfarers in a wayfarer category. Thank you for the kind input and welcome though. Good to know Ingress agents are the same everywhere. Have a good day.

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    Another question:

    Would it be possible if in a future UI update that the Key Lockera were accessible from the Portal Keys section of the item screen?

  • The rejection for 1* based on those reasons uses the intitial rating category from the photo. I don't understand what the alternative would even be.

  • Distinguishing between an Airbnb and an occupied home would be absolutely impossible for reviewers. Even if they had a way to tell it gets used on Airbnb, it's still a single family residence where the owners might only rent it out on occasion.

  • Not to upset anyone but this is warfare ama questions regardless of the platform people are on.

    Do you think there is a couple of reasons why niantic hasnt replied to any posts in the last few weeks.?

    1 Its holiday time.

    2 maybe wayfarer is no longer going to be on this site anymore. Niantic will move it away from here I believe because it's a cross platform now and they want everyone to be apart of the same group. I'm sure more is going on behind the scenes.

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    I kinda agree, but a lot of other people don’t. So i want to get hard clarification

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  • I guess my question was more along the lines of how the heck else anyone would expect you to reject a nomination. Sure, 1* categories might wreck one passing through, but you can't reject for PRP/K12/Pedestrian Access etc. without using 1* on the initial rating.

  • Can we clearly define a range for "duplicate" portals

    EG if something is within 1KM /500M / 250M of each other it is a dupe period regardless of how many of them there are

    Too many people submitting multiple "welcome to this park signs" or multiple sports fields or submit something relevant (eg church) then also submitting the church sign which is literally 20 feet away from the church (but spacing it far enough to populate in PoGO)

    Can we get rid of all the nonsense edits being proposed solely to allow additional gyms in PoGO and start banning accounts for this

  • Oh and also; it is beyond bizarre that PoGO does not have access to Intel maps and can not see the "hidden" portals in their game

    ALOT of duplicates are being submitted because these players do not play Ingress, so they find a park, only see a sign, then submit the gazebo as a new stop despite it already being in game for Ingress

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    People are literally just joining ingress for intel so they don't duplicate submissions. There needs to some sort of map for pogo at minimum just like intel is for ingress. I hate having to duplicate things in parts of towns where something didn't make pogo by a few feet and there isn't a lot around so they think because it isn't in pogo it hasn't been approved yet.

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    why? seriously please quit trying to find ways to limit legit portals it has been explained what distance they consider duplicates within 20m for things that are going be auto rejected at playgrounds and obviously the same pavilion if it is different approve it. The rules are clear. Reading the rules on multiples might help? I mean they set the standard and specifically most of the rules are being followed on what you mentioned. People are also tired of the nonsense dragging pogo into the conversation report abuse. Also why does density matter if its not being faked and following the rules and placing the object where the object where it is why do certain agents on this community seem to want to start restricting portals? I play all 3 games. Honestly at my local FS events I ask around how they feel about the way things with wayfarer are going a lot aren't mad about how it is going locally. We have a park full of portals about 28 over 50 acres and both factions use them to microfield and farm and it doesn't seem to be an issue with how it was setup with 18 exercise stations over the 50 acres averaging 40m to 120m on average in between them.

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  • Should portal descriptions which copy text in verbatim from other websites (e.g. a paragraph from Wikipedia) be rejected? If so, what rejection option should be used? There is a 1 star rejection option for third-party photographs, but no corresponding option for third-party text.

  • Are funeral homes and poi on the grounds of funeral homes acceptable Wayspot candidates?

    If the AMA opens up anyone can ask this on my and the communities behalf.

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    This is already answered in Wayfarer help.

    It's been expressed that they do not want any copyrighted materials getting accepted at all so to me that says reject overall which you can do here:

    I'm not sure if rating the overall high for something that would be accepted if the description wasn't stolen then rating title/description 1 star would cause a rejection but some of the guidance suggests that this would also be a proper way to rate under these circumstances.

  • @Jasonwhut @FuzzySun I am aware that plagiarised text is against the TOS and shouldn’t be accepted. I am quite vigilant in rejecting such nominations, even though I assume I’ll take a hit in agreement rating because I don’t think most reviewers check for that.

    Right now I select “Title or Description” in the 1 star rejection reasons, but the description for that is “use when the title or description is not relevant to the nomination”. In this case the text is relevant, but plagiarised. It doesn’t provide any useful feedback to the submitter. If they don’t know that they shouldn’t copy and paste from the internet, getting a rejection email saying the description “wasn’t relevant” isn’t going to enlighten them.

    Ultimately I’d like an additional 1 star rating added for copyright text, but the AMAs are not supposed to be feature requests so I had to phrase it in a roundabout way.

  • Well there is a Wayfarer category in this Ingress only AMA and if this might be considered a qol improvement rather than a feature request so I think it's worth the asking, especially if it helps Niantic avoid copyright infringement issues.

    If the AMA happens anyone can ask this on our behalf:

    In the initial Wayfarer one star options can we have added a plagiarism option in the text category to provide better feedback to the submitter and discourage repeated plagiarism?

  • You are totally missing the point in your 20-50 ACRE park

    I am discussing / complaining about much smaller parks often less than 100 M across where they put 10 park signs

    Maybe its just our town being obsessive but there are way too many signs and they are dense enough that many of them do not even show in GO hence people start falsifying location to get extra gyms

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    Today's the day we find out whether or not AMAs are still gonna be a thing for now

  • What made me what to know about it was getting a review of such a place that is obviously one because it has a sign up about it at the front, and I went off researching it's history, and ended up on an airbnb page for it. It appeared to be located on a regular street with normal houses next door, so I figured that I'd better ask. I just tried to generalise the question.

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    All it would mean is that there will be no AMA today. With, Andrew's retirement, the schedule will be in flux for a while until a new GCM is announced/revealed.

    EDIT: Typing on a cellphone is a real pain. This is exactly why I don't take stars off for misspellings or errors in title/descriptions.

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  • This is because some twat snowflake on here complained about a singular hotel pool being nominated and Niantic overreacted.

    One **** is all it took to send us back into the dark ages.

  • We need this very badly. Some people are rejecting all AMA, CAG and OPR guidance and only going by what is in the Wayfarer help, What makes a good Pokestop/portal, and the in game submission help.

    This is having some bad effects such as it's is hurting agreements, things that were previously understood to be rejected such as neighborhood signs and picnIc table groupings are now getting approved, and it's causing general confusion and large rifts in the reviewing communities.

    Current guidelines on military bases are that Wayspots are acceptable as long as they don't obstruct the operations of it or block emergency services.


    Wayfarer guidelines:

    This is also from November 2019 AMA. The question submitter lists ineligible locations for playground candidates, including military bases, the NIA OPS reply lists them again but leaves off military bases.

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    That's a really good catch about the playground question. He really got me with that answer especially after our discussion with Casey on this forum. It's a mess and they need to figure this stuff out before we are told anything.

  • Is it possible to implement Stolperstein (tripping stone) as a new category?

  • I saw something where we were told to use a G+ page to request new things to be added to the 'What is it?' box. Can we have a new place to submit requests for this?

    Many athletic site types are not included right now. I find myself skipping this more when I know I have to pick something similar but not quite right and I'm not sure anything I type in goes anywhere, especially since I'm not putting it in a category tree like the similar things are.

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