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    Agreements are how NIA keeps people reviewing properly (besides the occasional honeypot). What’s your idea of making reviewers review properly besides agreements?

    Because right now there is little motivation for PoGO players to review properly outside of the Wayfinder Rating, which a lot of players don’t even care about and just focus on Number Reviews Complete instead of agreements.

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    I'm personally frustrated by you dragging this argument into unrelated posts and disingenuously complaining about how you're tired of the fighting. The only one who brought agents vs pogo into this thread is you because you apparantly are offended I want a clarification to help people understand the system better.

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    Another question:

    • Will Agents who play on the Terran Intel Map be able to link to portals on the Lunar Intel Map from Terran portals?
    • Will Agents who have their current review location on Earth be able to set Home/Bonus locations on the Moon to help flesh out the Lunar Intel Map?
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    I hope they do because those questions always nets me at least 20 disagreements.

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    Another questions.

    Are retired player banners in stadiums like in this photo eligible as Wayspot Nominations?

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    I have the same exact question that is a hyper local submission. I have been saying no to the banners at the American Airlines Center.

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    A constant argument from one particular individual (who has been banned form this forum and the Wayfarer subreddit) that the "Should this be a Wayspot?" rating is based solely on the initial photo, title, and description and that if a reviewer later finds that the nomination is location on private residential property, school grounds, or doesn't have safe pedestrian access, then it is improper for reviewers to change their initial rating. They use the text of the FAQ to justify their claim that reviewers are wrong to change this rating for location/safe access issues. Are they correct or is the "Should this be a Wayspot?" an overall assessment of whether the nomination is eligible under the Wayspot criteria and subject to change whenever the reviewer determines the nomination is ineligible?

  • If it's a PoGO only equivalent then fine. If it's another thing for Ingress reviewers to game then no thanks.

  • Looks like we don't need a new CM, but a 'professional' rules lawyer that only handles Wayfarer, predominantly for PoGo, and develops a one thousand page manual that expands as each of these tiny details get addressed.

  • How should a floating playground platform, such as the one shown below, be rated for pedestrian access? It is clearly designed for people to be able to access and there is room to stand on the platform, but it would require swimming to get to it. Should it be rejected due to lack of a footpath leading there, or is this an acceptable candidate that just requires a bit of adventure to get to?

  • I don't think we'll see an AMA for some time.

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    Niantic, are nominations from participants of Pokémon Go established to impact the participants rating. Where the participant will have tiers of rejected/accepted nominations that could lead to the inability to nominate location of interest?

    Nantic, since various games allow for waypoint/portal interaction. Will Ingress agents continue to be allowed to report locations in an effort to have these locations removed from any game data base?

    Niantic, there appears to be two different standards for Ingress Agents & Pokémon Go trainers. While there seems to be some basic ground rules for Wayfarer, nominations, etc. Should the criteria be consistent and old AMA be linked so that participants of either game can avoid lowered ratings?

    Should note for Ingress readers. I’m a Pokémon Go trainer level 40. I review inconsistently, not a daily or quantity. I do hold to the Wayfarer criteria. Which leads to a bit of research and review of Ingress AMA. Also, social media disagreements, cause Niantic didn’t link Ingress AMA for Wayfarer. Yet utilized a similar basic structure.

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    Oh boy I have one that you guys aren't going to like but I cannot find it in the archive and my community keeps arguing.

    In some communities major shopping malls (not st rip malls or shopping centers but an actual Mall) are still the hangout place for a lot of people and where the city often hosts large community events. Some would argue that they are just as culturally relevant to these communities as they were in the 80s. What is Niantics stance on Malls as wayspots?

  • Could niantic clarify what is a generic business? Many cool independent businesses are being constantly rejected for bad reason. If a cafe (and there are about 30 in my town) can be eligible surely a single shop with no others around that are doing what they do attracting many people must also be eligible. Isnt that what a hidden gem is.

  • Niantic doesn't care fellas.

    The question should be, how much money do you need out of the playerbase to fulfil whatever AR dream/tech the CEO actually wants?

    That's how long they'll care about their **** games and squeak by with bare minimum effort.

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    There is an issue that is becoming more aware to the various online communities a small minority people are holding submissions in a series to a higher standard than niantic has said. It needs to be clarified as we have people actually going as far saying having multiple exercise stations, playgrounds or baseball fields that follow the guide is tarnishing the submissions system as they feel everything is generic. There needs be a mention not everything has to be unique and its not our job to gate keep quantity of waypoints based on visuals and not even taking into consideration of distance like the rules say. Locally we had 10 or so exercise stations on a fitness trail loop approved in the last year at the local park I measured them out averaging 30-40+m apart each and each one has a sign and single station I was told this is not right and only one should have been approved. It has gotten more people out exercising while playing the games. Edit: I looked some are over 100m apart on the far end of the loop it is a 20 station setup.

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  • Any chance of giving us another bonus location in wayfarer?

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes! Please toggle views before you touch anything!

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    Is there any question we can ask about 1* different categories leading to rejections that they will likely answer? I've seen at least 3 threads about 1* visual/cultural in the last week on Reddit but I know questions were asked about it in October and Andrew wouldn't answer.

  • Do holiday homes etc that are the size of a single family residence, but are mostly unoccupied and rented throughout the year via sites like airbnb fall under private residential property?

    The building also needs to be historical obviously, but if there's not always anyone there, it's basically a business.

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    @GearGlider Thank you! We need that.

  • This text about swimming pools has been removed from the Wayfarer help.

    The June/July 2019 AMA said they were ineligible and there was a community revolt against this. Later in the Wayfarer Help they were listed as acceptable. This has since been removed. Most of the reviewers I interact with feel that (non-PRP) pools should be allowed as social gathering places with an exercise aspect. Surely a better candidate than a seldom used tennis court.

    There is also debate if pools at hotels are unacceptable since they are part of a business (McDonald's playground logic?), was/is this accurate?

    Does this removal indicate a change in Niantics guidelines for swimming pools? At this time the only searchable guidance is the June/July 2019 AMA denying them so that is what some people will go by. Others will review using only Warfarer guidance and probably accept since they aren't specifically mentioned as ineligible.

    Can we get a clearly worded clarification on them and have it added to the Wayfarer help?

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    @Jasonwhut, You need to make your question more concise and to the point.

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    This is an Ingress specific forum. If you want an area to discuss Wayfarer in regards to all Niantic games, you may want to look at https://www.reddit.com/r/NianticWayfarer/

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    me neither until we get a new community manager or someone else at niantic will do krugs job..

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