TESSERA Round 5 - Aurora

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Truthseeker: New message coming in. A live drop will be appearing soon. The Tethered Hand was not clear about its specific location or when it will be delivered. I'll give you an update as soon as I have more information.



The time is confirmed. 12/26 10:30 AM local time. A vessel will appear.

The message on JanusLaboratorium gives us an idea of the location:

" Janus perceives the fanatic of games soon reappearing. taking the form of a honeycomb.

From the origin of the Sun, hose in the East Capital beware.

Those in front of the Shrine, in particular, stay aware."


Tethered Hand just sent this to me. I would expect to also receive a hint for the passphrase within the next 2 days.


Incoming passphrase hint - "Where the undefeated light regrets to return."

Tethered Hand also confirmed this live drop to be 3 points.


Truthseekers. The delivery is going to take place in about 12 more hours. From the hint of location, it appears to be the first time outside the US! Hope you've all figured out the passphrase or at least have a couple options. The last 2 Live Drop required the Discoverers to solve a riddle on the spot. The cryptic words on Januslaboratorium previewed it could be related to Aurora's game.

As I was studying all the Tesserae we've retrieved so far, something caught my attention. Perhaps you've already noticed this, too. Most of the Tesserae have names that explicitly describe either an entity, topic, or event. Yet there's one category that does not follow that rule and merely addresses an element of what it represents. Why is that?


New update on Januslaboratorium could be another reference to the passphrase?


Another incoming visual from the Tethered Hand. This could help us identify the delivery entity:

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