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  • !remind me to check back for details January 6th-12th...

    In addition to rules, format, and medal details, can we also expect to learn how much registration, digital bundles, and/or medals for these events will cost so we can budget our plans in advance?

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    @NianticOfficial It's Bengaluru. Not Bengalaru.

  • It would also be great if we could have information about Mission Days for 2020 and whether we can pair them with hexathalon events. Many agents are really attached to getting to enjoy new cities via Niantic events with both a competitive and a non-competitive/social component.

    We don't hate change, for example, we would love to see some cities on the event list that haven't already had other events recently or regularly over the last 7 years. We know that anomalies and mission days are time-tested winners attracting both long-time and brand-new agents over and over. We aren't against new formats, we just want to know that you recognize how much these events contribute to enjoyment of the game, aka quality of life for your playerbase, and that it's a value you share with us.

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  • Thailand 😍😍😍

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    @NianticBrian Are the Hexathalons going to be competitive faction Vs faction events or just a stats race like the Helvetica one?

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    Will the Hexalthon badge for Perpetua different from Lexicon? @NianticBrian

  • Most of what you mention was already taken care of by each faction, mostly or completely outside of Niantic's control, and anomaly PoCs didn't actually need to be involved. Even though anomaly PoC are normally part of the faction orga team, it's a different role. So, it likely won't change much for these points.

    The questions raised by anomalies without PoCs are:

    • how will anomaly playboxes be selected and unreachable portals removed?
    • who will take care of medal eligibility (Intel operators...), and missing medals after the event?

    PoCs also provided feedback about anomaly rules, but this could be done by vanguards (or foregone completely).

  • Why only one anomaly site? Can we do like what we did with Abaddon Prime, where we get one mega anomaly in each region? Maybe one in USA and one in Asia as well?

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    Not sure but if nothing exciting more comes up in 2020 i doubt many will care for only 1 anomaly. and everyone can guess the victory in Germany, RES is very strong in Europe.. so where is the fun in only 1 anomaly worlwide of the first half of 2020 ???

  • Can we reveal more detailed time of the event? I'm thinking of booking my flights, and it makes things different if it begins in the morning, or in the afternoon.

  • Yes yes yes ! Thousands thanks for Lille (france) Event of 28 february .👍😍

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    anomalies battle usually start like 14:00 or something. U must be earlier a few hours for registration and that so if u want go make sure u are in the city at like 10:00 or something earliest....

  • @NianticOfficial so when will the events page be up? Wouldn’t mind seeing something there in the near future so I can see if your events line up with some getaways...

  • Unless it's going to be similar to the field test hexathon, then it'll will start bat 3pm, and you need to be able to hack the starting portal before that during a specific 30 minute window...

    So it all depends on which direction Niantic chooses to take in regards to the style of event

  • Doesn't really answer my question. You said "there's only one Anomaly" however that's not what it says: "Anomaly events going forward" going forward being the key words. So next year we should expect the same.

    I do agree that Hexathlons & FS don't need a POC but I disagree about anomaly events. Unless Niantic plans to do major down grades to the events.

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    @NianticOfficial, I'd like to highlight the following part of your announcement and the concerns that have been raised:

    In addition, we will no longer require POCs for Hexathlon and Anomaly events going forward.

    I can't speak to Hexathlons because I was unable to attend the Field Test for them, but I do have some experience with Anomalies.

    There are a few things that Anomaly POCs have helped with previously that are beneficial — some might even say necessary — for the playerbase:

    • Communication of where the playbox is generally expected to be: Agents coming from out of town need to plan and budget for lodging and travel. Some will want to stay right in the midst of things. Others will want to find less expensive options farther away and plan for more in-town travel. Either way, the more information they have and the earlier they have it, the easier it will be to find affordable options.
    • Feedback on draft rules: From what I've seen and heard of draft rules, the feedback that was provided on them by Anomaly POCs, and what was released as the final rules, the feedback was listened to and ultimately improved the experience of anomaly attendees. When a cross-faction group of agents says, "rules X, Y, and Z are poorly written and not fun," they're likely on to something.
    • Feedback on the final rules: There are always questions about rules and other anomaly processes, and those questions deserve answers. Anomaly POCs, already having the ear of Niantic, so to speak, have helped bring those questions to Niantic and the answers back to the playerbase.
    • Facilitating anomaly medals for off-site intel operators: Both factions rely on groups of agents who's primary "actions" are to pay attention to the intel map and coordinate the actions of hundreds or thousands of agents on the ground. They perform no scanner actions relating to the anomaly playbox, which makes it all but impossible to fully automate the distribution of anomaly medals to them.

    What's important is that someone ensure that these things continue to happen going forward. For example, it's well within Niantic's capabilities to communicate rough expectations for the playbox three, four, or more months, in advance; and the Vanguards are perfectly capable of assisting with the other points. You can eliminate the up-till-now traditonal POCs from the process, but you can't eliminate their functions.

  • Finaly a ingress event at Tijuana!

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    “The battle against Nemesis continues in 2020. As promised last week, below is a list of cities for the events of the first half of 2020. We are still determining the rules, format, and medal eligibility of these events. More information on those specific details and Mission Days will come the second week of the new year. “

    I’m so exited, more info and details about this years events coming soon... :-)

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    Perpetua Hexathlon: February 29th (15 global cities)

    Lexicon Hexathlon: April 25th (15 global cities)

    Requiem Anomaly: May 9th Munich, Germany

  • Hi Niantic team!

    Would like to just let you guys know that 25th April is already in the Islamic month of Ramadhan where Muslims will have to abstain from eating or drinking from sun-up to sun-down. With the event going on from afternoon onwards, this might cause extra fatigue for those observing the fasting month.

    Tentatively the Ramadhan month will start on 23rd April this year. This might or might not deter the involvement of other Muslims agent for the Hexathlon date selected for 25th April.

    My personal opinion, moving the event one weekend earlier might be a good thing.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Fasting is not mandatory for people travelling. Travellers can skip fasting while travelling and then compensate for that later on by fasting on some days after Ramadan.

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    Well February 29 falls during Lent and thus many people will be unable to eat cake and/or chocolate at the event...

    I think if you practise religious observation then that's good and proper for you but it's up to you to decide whether you are able to take part in the event while observing at the same time. I don't think it's right to block out Ingress events for an entire month for everyone because of religious observation that not everyone takes part in. There will be other Ingress events.

    Personally I also can't take part in most of the events because they are too far away, but that's a different matter.

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