Two R8 per player - advantage for multiaccounters only?


after the last event where we only could deploy two lvl 7 resonators per player, I thought Niantic had FINALLY taken suggestions seriously to not allow multiaccounters to be able to build themselves lvl 8 portals. But now it's the same thing all over again.

In my city we have 2 "families" aka 4 accounts who are now able to deploy their 3-5 homeportals to lvl 8. One of them is a suspected spoofer (of course not with his main account) and his kids play like once a month and the rest of the time they serve as backpack accounts.

Please Niantic, stop giving such game changing advantages to people without a community (because there always is a reason why they are not in a community) and especially to people who multiaccount, who have been reported several times and you don't do anything about.


  • of course I will destroy it. but by that time, the person has accumulated 3 backpacks full of lvl 8 bursters (which he will only use against our homezone - only by car at night - he never builds smth by his own)

  • Some complain that they destroy, and others because they have no one to destroy.

  • Dude, just play the game. Be thankful you have somebody to play against and/or with.

  • So we are suppose to go without being able to apply 2 R8s, so that the multi-accounters can’t apply 2 R8s. That hardly seems fair. It’s fun for us to be able to build a farm with only 4 people. Of course the multi-accounters are going to take advantage of it. We can’t stop people from cheating, but I don’t think we should forego fun aspects of the event because of it.

  • Haha why does this sound so awfully familiar? Are we neighbors? :P

    No seriously, I also hate these extra deploy events for the same reason. Sure I will destroy those stupid homeportals whenever possible but now they are just filling all their backpack accounts without any problems, courtesy of Niantic...

    And I am not so naive to believe they'd run out of farm mods if I keep hassling them. At the very least, one can simply buy rare ones, thanks Niantic! That or mods just magically appear, I don't know. Either way, they won't be using these resources to actually build anything. That'll be the day...

    Well, that's Ingress for you. Resource management is done by submitting every shitty stick figure as homeportal and having all friends and relatives(cats and dogs even) create totaly legal accounts for upgrading. Why even still keep in the game I sometimes wonder

  • The logic here hurts..

    If someone is a cheater and multi-accounter, they will not care about double deploys all that much, because, well, they would just cheat...

    If these players (or I suppose "player") have 4 L8 accounts, and their primary aim is to level and maintain a P8 home portal, the surest way to accomplish that is by flipping the portal twice, and re-bumping it.

    If they don't do exactly this on a regular basis, I'd be much more inclined to think, guided by Occam's Razor, they are simply 4 agents taking advantage of double deploys, as they should.

  • He even was seen with several phones sitting alone in his car. If there's no event, we simply would destroy his homeportals before he'd even be able to flip it. And because we are so many and he is just one person, he gave up on playing on his homeportals - however, he seems to never run out of items, even if we keep his homeportals down at all times over weeks. And we're pretty sure he has several spoofing accounts. now he doesn't even have to bother with those in order to fill up his backpacks and that sucks. it is not particularly the event's fault but niantics, because they won't do anything against cheaters.

  • Can I ask a general question about cheating?

    I am very new to this game (not really, but in terms of being serious about it), and so I had never been exposed to the idea of someone cheating at this game. So what and why are the things I am hearing about cheating?

    1. people seem to have an issue with others having multiple accounts. Why? Isn't that the same if they had a number of friends playing with them? Doesn't it raise the challenge and bring up the level of your ability to score as well? Would you rather have a heated battle or a sedate victory? Isn't part of the joy of Ingress the thrill of battling a diabolical opponent and persevering despite all odds? If someone had such a need to win, couldn't they just buy the needed parts from Niantic's shop? I'll admit I've been tempted a time or two. Isn't this game better with more participants? I agree that having a 'spoofer' account, if I understand it correctly, is a problem, cause then the person isn't truly invested in that neighborhood and is instead spoiling it, but shouldn't multiple accounts on a local person just be an investment on their part where they still have to physically traverse the area? I think that would still be fun.
    2. Even in terms of 'spoofers', I have to admit the idea of Ingress that is most intriguing is the techno-hacking side of it. Wouldn't that make sense if you are playing against someone who is 'gaming' the system? Isn't that the very spirit of the theme? Hacking and jockeying for a better position?
    3. I'm sure there are other things considered cheating, but I haven't truly hit them yet in these forums. Maybe I'll expand this part later.

    I think above all else, short of someone being verbally abusive or real-world dangerous, isn't the idea of a true constant struggle against better equipped or better advised players more fun? Is it fun to roll across someone without a challenge, or keep an area indefinitely until you and yours are bored of winning and stop playing entirely? What's the true fun of Ingress and it's overbearing theme of sci-fi techno-hacking insanity if people didn't occasionally 'game' the system a la Matrix? Please, let me know.

    Maybe I just haven't encountered it yet, cause I'm in a very large hotspot with players on both sides, but I have to wonder if I would care. I personally feel like I would be glad to compete against such an opponent, for that victory would never be sweeter!

  • Honestly, I don’t think one person with multiple accounts is any more of a challenge then one person with a single account. All an additional account can do is upgrade a portal, and hold extra gear. Inventory management is part of the game. If someone requires multiple accounts to hold their gear, they’re obviously just not as strong of a player. As for upgrading portals; who cares? Just smash it. It’s way more fun to enlist friends to help upgrade, then it would be to upgrade all by yourself. Kind of lonely, really. The game is more fun by not cheating. Cheaters lose out in this game. I actually perceive them as weaker players; almost less of a threat. It bothers the hell out of some people though.

    Spoofing is a whole other story though. The big deal with spoofing is the acquisition/destruction of hard to reach portals. For example, I spent $300, and an entire day, to capture a single portal. That portal was then spoofed down 36 hours later. I don’t want to spoof because there’s no challenge. You didn’t even have to get out of bed to do it. How is that playing the game? If this game is about being all techie and hacking into things, then why should any of us get out of bed? It’s a location based game. The planet is our game board. If you want to play a game on your phone, from home, there are countless other games for that. Spoofing is not playing Ingress. There’s absolutely no challenge in it. It does however ruin the game for others.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭
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    The fun and the point is going to the location and doing your stuff there, meeting people and new places, explore the world.

    You play against other people (not accounts) in global scale. If an area, a whole city, has only one agent, he is automatically winning there. He should meet players of neighbor cities and makes some large scale plans.

    Multiple accounts is cheat. There is no good challenge about it, just unfair. It's not like you will be fighting against more players, is just one idiot who can build lv7 and 8 farm alone, and stock several extra items. This is harmful for honest players.

    And trying to justify spoofers is just dump. You're not "hacking" as if you're the masterlord of the deepweb or something like that. It's just harvesting xm from the portal.

    It's not a fighting game or a rpg or mmo. It's a location game. You (one person) go there (portal) and do stuff ( collect and connect). Having two accounts it's like you ask both your mum and dad for a dollar without telling the other and end up with 2 dollars.

  • That makes a lot of sense. I see the issue with spoofing, if only cause we never would have been able to meet the other players in our area if we'd stayed inside. Also, sorry about that portal getting taken down so fast. An achievement like that should have stood until someone physically went there.

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