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  • I just get cooldowns within ,5 mins of reviewing. Never had this in opr. Wayfarer is shite.

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just because the forums censor you doesn't mean that you are acting within the forums TOS.

  • With out pogo players ingress would have been dead by now. Introducing pogo reviewers is just highlighting the fact that not enough ingress players review and do a very good job of it. I'm sure niantic would rather open up pogo reviewers and keep the lights on than let ingress players slowly let the niantic go out of business.

  • As a Pogoer I can a tell that many of my peers care. And besides stops in their very street, they dont blindly 5*. We also care for high quality stops and gyms. Because actually I think you grow way more attached to your local gyms than to even your ingress home portal. Gyms are important meeting points and should be locations that people know/see.

    So yeah. Please dont judge pogo community so swiftly. This just makes ingress community look arrogant.

    Lastly, I get the impression most pogoers stopped nominating AND reviewing because they hate how all of their good nominations get rejected without a reason. Probably by ingress wayfarers. Thats also not quality reviewing and really feels like nay-saying. I can gladly show you some examples for good portals rejected and so many shitty ones which are still in the game - accepted by ingress community. So yeah... get off the high horse.

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    That's your community, or at least a part of it. I know for a fact (I've seen the information shared in groups up to 1000 people) that people are gaming the system. Making edits to get portals to turn into stops, submitting every other trashcan and "creating art" for the sole purpose of having a couch pokestop. Sure the same thing happened in Ingress, but the amount of pokemon players vastly surpasses the amount of Ingress players. That is exactly the reason why the Ingress community probably isn't responsible for rejecting your submissions, there are a lot more pokemon players reviewing then there are ingress players. Combined with the fact that we have to judge portals 3 cells over (from denmark to belgium) it's probably not your local group interfering either.

  • I highly doubt that there are more Pokemon reviewers than Ingress reviewers. Perhaps this was the case when Wayfarer was just released. Almost every L40 player was curious and tried it out. But then some reviewed 10 submisions. Some maybe 50 or even 100. And then almost all of them stopped. Because, why continue? There's nothing to gain. Not unlike a recon badge in Ingress that is almost necesarry to get in order to level up.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Submitting but not reviewing; nice. They should review if they don't want the whole system to get messed up again with endless queues.

  • I got kicked from the uk wayfarer WhatsApp because I disagreed with the voting of the admin. A sub he reviewed by chance is actually near me he rejected as he thought it was K12 a said it wasn't it was a hall and provided evidence it wasnt was multi use hall. Because I didn't agree he kicked me.

    The point of this is he is old opr and failed to check the website links. It took me 3 clicks to find out the truth.

    Dont slate pogo players as ingress are just as bad. And the crying of 80% that there reviewing rates have gone into the red are proof they are lazy and not very good at reviewing as they think.

  • Correct I did get a ban but fingers would point more towards poor reviewers marking things as abuse that got me the ban not niantic. There ban system is automated please dont think you know everything as you clearly dont.

  • Obnoxious and argumentative accurately describes some of the so-called opr experts I've come across in forums.

  • So if people dont sing the same song as people who clearly have no idea what they are reviewing you kick them.

    As I said in the group I live near it and know it isnt owned by the scouts. I even provided more than one link of the other uses that use of the hall but still didnt accept it as the truth.

    Just so you know it got accepted so looks like you was wrong again.

    Maybe next time you will all listen to people that actually know local areas. Isnt that what the group is ment to be for? Or is it so you influence peoples voting??

  • Dazzz12345Dazzz12345 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019

    Haha really I didnt supply 2 links that showed it was used for dog training and dance studio.

    Must have been another uk wayfarer chat I'm a member to with the exact telegram link.

    It met the guidelines. let's say it takes 50 people for something to get accepted your telling me 50 people are wrong and you are the only person who was correct? Please do us a favour.

    What world do you live in? Next you will be blaming pogo players.

    You and a few others are just using that chat to influence reviewing.

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NianticCasey I hope, if you celebrate, you are having a wonderful holiday. When you have a moment can you weigh in on this again because Dazzz12345 is saying something different from what the known stance is. I thought it was clarified if it was something scouts used occasionally but was primarily for other uses, they could be approved. But this is for the scouts and is occasionally occupied by other people. Is that against the rules or not? I would think the preschool meant it shouldn't be a wayspot at all and as such should be removed.

  • Dazzz12345Dazzz12345 ✭✭✭
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    Yeah sell it too Niantic so they give the answer you want. We can all play that game haha.

    It's a generic hall I live 10 minutes away from it. They have dog training classes dance classes yes they use it for scouts, but niantic has said that is fine in AMA as long as it is not its primary use and it's not.

    Showing an Ofsted report proves nothing as every where that may have day care has to be registered no matter how often it is used for children. Even peoples homes are registered with Ofsted. As I say you have provided no hard evidence of it being its primary use.

    That's the problem 50 people (ish) reviewed it correctly and because you are wrong you want niantic to agree with you.

    That's not how things work it took 2 minutes to find its other uses. The amount of times I saw you telling people how to vote in that group is crazy.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I'll just leave that there as you still seem to need facts thrown into your face before believing them and obviously didnt bother to read the report

    As you can see, it is open term times every weekday from 9:15 - 3pm as a pre school, im surprised that someone who lives so close to it wouldn't know that the majority of use of the hall is as a pre school.

    This is regular use of a k12 group with subscription service, which i stated above, and which @NianticCasey confirmed as being invalid.

    Its an invalid submission.

    Also to clarify, you never provided any links about the hall, what you did was claim the street view picture was out of date, claim that it did dog handling classes, and the show a screen shot from somewhere, which you didnt link to, showing it did 2 excercise groups on a Monday Tuesday and Thursday evening for an hour at a time.

    Even when adding up times for all the groups together, they do not come close to being the majority use of the hall.

  • Dazzz12345Dazzz12345 ✭✭✭
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    As I said I spent 2 minutes looking for what else the hall did.If I spent longer no doubt I would find more. Ofsted cover all premises with the same times everywhere weather they are used or not is a different matter that is the minimum requirement.

    All you are doing is trying to justify your poor reviewing style. As I say at least 50 other people actually checked. We are not discussing weather it should or shouldn't be in as it is already live. You just dont like that it got in and you are wrong.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    No what I am doing and have done is show that for the bulk of use it as a pre school and pre schools are not allowed as POI's.

    You can try and justify your mistake as much as you like but you know that it is a preschool and as such should never be allowed

  • Haha no no I'm not trying to justify my mistake at all because I haven't made one. I wasn't the one who reviewed it and got it wrong.

    You dont seem to understand that it is in game I was just pointing out to you that you was wrong in the group.

    Well never mind I'll leave it there at least there was at least 50 other people who actually checked more than just net mums as there only source of reference.

  • I haven’t done OPR in over a year and then I found out it’s changed. On top of that I’ve noticed messages like “this will make a great poke stop” plus numerous spelling errors in titles and descriptions. Noticed lots of garbage submissions as well. It’s almost as bad as when OPR first started and I was reviewing photos of empty soda cans and discarded shoes.

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    Niantic doesn't care. They knew exactly what was going to happen when they opened up the flood gates to PoGO nominations/reviewing and they did it with reckless abandon anyways. Pokemon GO makes them more money on a good event week than ingress has earned them in it's lifetime.

  • On the bright side. Hopefully smaller communities with not many ingress portals will have more portals now because of Pogo players submitting on wayfarer for poke stops / gyms.

  • As long as they're of decent quality and not blatantly misrepresented (i.e., trying to pass off a local architectural firm's offices as an active place of worship), I'm all for it.

  • Do you actually blame them? Why would they not care about how much they earn from pogo? It's a business not a charity. If ingress players didnt try so hard to dictate the style of play so much they would probably still be very popular.

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

    It is already happening. I have watched an entire small town fill in and about 50% went into pogo. There is going to always people complaining about anything but pogo is making ingress playable in rural areas.

  • And I'm sure every McDonalds, random rock, and mailbox got approved.

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