Theories about the identities of Requiem, Copperhead, and the future of the Ingress story.

So we recently learned of Hank 1218 turning over to Nemesis and requesting the undine silica. Theories are flowing that it isn’t of Hank’s will. For the purpose of this theory, I’m going with it is of Hank’s will.

I speculate Requiem to be two of our hat wearing friends. P.A.C 1218 or Misty. My speculation leans heavier into Misty. We recently received a transmission from inside her mind palace. The entire area was lit up red, the same color we associate with Nemesis and Dark XM. I theorize that Misty has joined or maybe even been forced into Nemesis and has taken up the name Requiem.

Copperhead I believe to be OLW 1218. We know that in the past two universes OLW is always the one to build all the tools. Copperhead’s picture shows him welding some item leading me to think this. Also the fact that OLW 1218’s voice was very distorted in his transmission to us during Via Noir. 

Now about the rest of the story. Requiem is speculated to be the last barrier. After that barrier falls we’ll have open lines with the exogenous once more. However one thing still irks me and that is the Obsidian Shield. 

We haven’t heard about the artifact since it blocked the N’Zeer in 1218, and I’m curious if when we deployed it in 1218 it deployed in all universes. My theory will follow that route (though I may be wrong). 

The Obsidian Shield is currently the only thing keeping RES from a total universe victory. They have no way to reach the N’Zeer. Neither does ADA. I believe that the artifacts we’ve been finding might give RES the ability to break the Shield. A future event may be a RES **** on the Obsidian Shield.

If ENL is able to defend the shield this node will possibly remain contested.

If RES breaks the shield the node will falter into total RES control, maybe a crippling of the ability for ENL to interact with the Shapers. 

What will happen next I couldn’t really think about. We could trigger another Epiphany Night. We could go back and fix up Universe 1218, or we could go make sure the Nemesis Magnus is destroyed. There’s a thousand things that could happen.


  • Hey toss the links for the media in the Nemisis thread just above this, like the predictions

  • I just realised why the Nemesis folks are named after fonts. Ingress is after all a term that means a header chapter in front of the actual text in magazine articles. This chapter is usually written with thicker and/or different font than the actual article.

    I cannot believe it took so long for me to figure out!

  • Ingress also means to enter or introduce. Just like how XM ingresses into our world through the portals. The font thing might be to identify members with terms that most people will understand.

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