TESSERA Round 5 - Who Killed Martin Schubert?

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Truthseekers: I am led to believe that the clues for this Tessera are being dropped piece by piece. I will update as we learn more. Or perhaps you have had some findings already?


UPDATE: From what the the Tethered Hand has told me, the Who Killed Devra Bogdanovich Tessera is the last point of that "chain". Thank you for finding the 2/4 of this new clue. It is possible that the clue pieces are not dropped in numeric order.

I've received tip that there are happenings in India that are preventing some Agents from retrieving the Tessera. The Tethered Hand acknowledged the Tessera will still be in it's location till Dec 23rd, which I gather, seems to be a week from its initial drop. So please be mindful of your own safety above all else, and do not proceed until it is secure for you to reach it. Truthseekers, you are more important than any membrane out there.


The Tethered Hands sent a message just now saying another piece of clue is here. I don't see any traces of it...

Turns out the clue was hiding as a bit.ly link in some of the thread titles:


New tip from the Tethered Hand: If the threshold for Dalby Station Tessera is met, look out for another piece of the clue for the Who Killed Martin Schubert? Tessera in the chain of Tesserae.


The 3rd clue was received at the last point of the Dalby to Kureze chain. We are now pending the 4th and last one. Tethered Hand has told me, it will be available along with another global drop on Monday/Tuesday. However, they did not mention any new stakes or threshold for the time being. In the meantime, have a great weekend!


Tethered Hand just told me they left the 4th and last piece of the clue on the Tessellation Board.

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