2020 Event Schedule (Jan - May)



  • Not sure if I'm missing something this is just the dates posted right? There isn't a city list for the Hexathlons posted anywhere I'm not seeing?

  • Only one anomaly and only in one city in Europe???

  • To be honest? Quarterly and a dozen cities each time was a bit hectic for us. When we go somewhere, it's a family trip, after all.

    I do appreciate the 6 months of notice, though if it's to be an annual thing, something like a year notice for international travel would be nice. Maybe synchronized with the GoRuck schedule as well, since they're really good at announcing stuff and scheduling a year out.

    But if staff ever reads this, hearing the reasoning and background and perhaps having some better communications as to 'why' would be a start.


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  • Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback. If you give me a few moments, I'm writing a reply as a new thread to try and clarify a few things about 2020 events, as well as why we're moving in a different direction than the last anomaly series. Thanks for your patience, and I'll post a link back here when I'm done writing my reply.

  • @NianticBrian can we suggest a city for the hexathlon ? Like Purmerend, Netherlands of do you already have cities in mind ?

  • I must say it's pretty funny that I haven't seen any ENL talked about Nuremberg since Chicago.

  • I guess something similar to the field test events as they were also called Hexathlon. https://ingress.com/eventdescription/hexathlon-20190914

  • Por favor anuncien las ciudades, para programar el viaje y los turnos de trabajo.

  • A question. Is Macau in February and Kobe in April anomaly canceled?

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    The original post here says "We plan to release the February Perpetua Hexathlon cities next week." As we are now just a few hours from the end of "next week," when can we expect to know the cities for the February Hexathlon event?

  • Will the hexatalon all have different badges?

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