13 Archetypes: Interpreter



  • I cannot believe I solved this. Thanks everyone who takes the time to post the help. I feel super clever now!

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    Using Audacity, it you tweak it right, it will be clear enough @Keyhole7

    You need to change it from waves to a different look @MaxflowO2

    If they are cut off, you need to change one small thing and they will no longer be cut off @LancerSykera

    My brain was fried too when I was trying this (at work) without the right tools. When you have the right tool, it makes a world of difference! Don't give up! @MakkVeen

    If you are on a computer, try downloading some software. If you are on a mobile device, try downloading an app. Otherwise there is one website that I've found that can do it (and am hoping this should work in any browser). @ChopStiR @TwilitTrekker

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  • Thank you!!! Took me hours to figure it out. Finally was able to solve it! You're awesome!

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    Wrong order - find the courage to rearrange first

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    It doesn't matter anyway passcodes been widely spread,, the leaderboard likely useless now...

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    How, where and since when?

    For the dreamer challenge, yes; for the interpreter challenge, (hopefully) not just yet.

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    I first seen it ~12 hours ago, if post screenshot but - opsec

  • In the beginning that was a lot of guessing for me.. phew !

  • Sono Riuscito a decodificare il codice il tuo è stato un super suggerimento

  • Woahh..sorry guys, im very new to this game, tried to download the sonic apps but got nowhere.... Anyone please share a bit more steps, really wanna try to decode myself... Tq

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    Why yes, how dare I have no way to understand what I've done wrong when this is the best quality I can find on my own? When it's all I can see, everything else required was similarly blurry with ZERO way to possibly notice that there were more than 9 symbols. Would I put it past Niantic to have created that image quality intentionally? Maybe?

    But on the bright side, even with that amount of blurriness, in retrospect I was still able to correctly decode those 9 that I could see. Well sort of, a few of them required trial-and-error.

    The entire world is NOT "everybody has immediate access to the Microsoft Monolith Train". I had to beg and borrow to get access to such a device, and even then I will still wholeheartedly complain at many of the extremely unintutive UI design choices that that software designer made.

    I will point out that for the first decoding challenge,

    1. I knew exactly how to decode the entire barcode, but was entirely limited in that stage by my available mobile image-editing tools. So that cost me over 12 hours of time, so that's obviously "my bad"
    2. Nobody who has no Niantic-decoding experience guessed how to truncate the decoded barcode into numeric digits, or even that there was any indication that there MIGHT be some digits in there in the first place. That took actual prior experience, not "wordplay".

    People have been begging for YEARS how to get started in Ingress decoding, and the best most can find are terribly-out-of-date Reddit threads that point to defunct websites, ie. dead links. That Niantic is finally making a big deal out of 13 decoding challenges, that's finally great! The biggest difference here is that they're essentially saying, "hey! guys! here is the puzzle for you!" It's not hiding in some extra layer of obfuscation.

    But if you want to complain about complaints, perhaps start by pointing out afresh where we can find those OLD puzzles that have already been decoded. Bonus points for decoding hints and/or answers, so that we can learn and check our progress. Because in the future, the more eyeballs we have looking for and decoding, the better. The only thing you'll all lose personally is some of your kudos for "frst pst! yayz!"

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    Careful, apparently we get in trouble now for complaints about how hard it is to use these tools.

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    I did indeed already beg and borrow a Monocultural Windows device and got to the final image. But I'll probably never know if the fault was in some clumsy aural decoding due to the (no longer patent-encumbered but somehow still missing anyway) audio plugins, or if it was just the age of the available copy of the audio/visual tool that threw me off.

  • So even using this sonic visualizer, it seems to overlay the...decoding portion, on top of the other decoding items. it's beyond blurry, and hard to ****. however when i look at each segment 1 at a time, i get a lot more letters/numbers, if it's even legible.

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    Man, that's a lot prettier than what I got. It turns out I had the wrong window size in a menu that I've never knowingly used before. If I'd seen that it was a picture I'd probably have known to scroll up - as it was, spent another half hour or so trying other stuff before revisiting it. Oh well, I was already an hour late because of Niantic time zones. ;-)

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    Nobody who has no Niantic-decoding experience guessed how to truncate the decoded barcode into numeric digits, or even that there was any indication that there MIGHT be some digits in there in the first place. That took actual prior experience, not "wordplay".

    Wrong: Dreamer was my first proper passcode decode and I spotted digits straight away. Problem was that one of them was embedded in the keyword, which made the keyword itself difficult to spot.

  • Will the lists about decoding be updated?

  • I solved on Monday and have still not been added to the list...

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    On the internet, there is no need to correct "hyperbole". "Nobody" equates to "a minisculy fractional amount with no statistical significance". In other words, the entire thr of you that figured it out all on your own was a negligible amount.

  • No need for Windows applications. I decoded the picture on my Linux machine using a well-known audio manipulation program which is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

    Others have successfully used a smartphone app.

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    To the people with overlapping problems and a prety image, that happened to me after merging the files, so I did the same process to each file one by one in the correct order and pasted them in paint where I was able to see it really clear.

  • And I was able to see nice picture only in Audacity after merging all files and playing with settings. I couldn't find online solution with changeable fourier parameters.

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    As far as I can determine, my issue was that my older version of the tool produced a chunkier picture, and that I had no reason to assume that my visual output was any different than what Niantic intended. Thus my eventual attempt with the dreaded Microsoft.

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    Leaderboard has finally updated again.

  • Hate to tell you this but with the right apps it's also very possible to complete via a phone or tablet.

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    Great to know, I guess. And it's taking me more time to google "audio steganography for iphone" and getting nowhere, then it took to download the known tool for Windows and be done with it. I found a SINGLE app for iphone that apparently lets you transmit data via audio, but none that can pull in mp3 data in the first place. There are, however, craploads of things for Android. I assume THAT'S what you're talking down to me about?

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