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  • I am one of the many people you shook hands at Darusana Prime Tokyo. Your hands were very big and full of kindness. I remember helping me to understand my words, which I don't speak English well.

    Thank you Andrew. I wish you great happiness in your future.

  • Good luck, Andrew.

    We will miss you.

  • Finally, I registered for the community forum. It took you resigning to make me do it! Here is the art you made when we visited.

    My son is sad you are leaving. You were so awestruck by his enthusiasm, you filmed him dissing prime at Melbourne last NL meet, and gave him so much ****, he was leaping with excitement.

    Farewell and take care, big love from agents HemlokHex and ThePhantomFox1

  • You came into the community manager job with the goal of being faction neutral and improving the community at large. You did both and so much more! Thank you so much for everything you've contributed to this community and for all the sacrifices you had to make with the travel etc. Not to mention always being so readily available and responsive on TG. You leave a huge legacy.

    My favourite memories of you are you getting to meet your first Koala and Kangaroo and the fun of the NL Australia tours including the glitter in your beard.

    Wishing you all the very best as you move to this new chapter in your life.


  • Apart from AMAs, I did really enjoy the real time chats with you and other Ingress agents! That was one of the many moments Ingress players can share not just as players, but as people too. I only went to one First Saturday, but it was a very beautiful day, I drank a beer with many people, knew new ones and met those who I didn't expect to be players!

    We will really miss you :')

  • You are the most huggable frog I ever met.

    You will be missed. Good luck on your new journey.

  • The last wall fell, and now we have no reason to stay in the game. Good people are leaving, and no one can replace them. Hard to see like favourite game of millions of people dying because of the greed and mediocrity of the leadership team

  • Now, if there was only a "RedSoloCup Medal Loadout" ;)

  • Very iconic and revealing, probably just did not have words for the community that would be sane to explain what the hell is happening with the game, it remains to leave saving face

  • Just tried to slide this announcement in with all the other Ingress happenings this wee aye, Andrew :D?

    Thanks for all the hard work you've done for the community over the last four years. Always a positive outlook, a very powerful attribute.

    The NL1331 events in New Zealand are certainly a highlight in my capsule of ingress memories.

    Good luck on your next chapter, be sure to get in touch if you're ever back in Kiwiland.


  • GoblinGranateGoblinGranate ✭✭✭✭✭

    How about a Beacon? :D

    A beacon with a picture of a Red Solo Cup.


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    Sorry to see you go Andrew, I never had the chance to meet you but i know you put alot of your time into this game and reach out to everyone as a CM, all years of travel and meet agents around the world must have been a fun job to have id imagine, shame to see your retire from this. I will miss your AMAs. Goodluck wherever you decide to go in the future.

  • It's truly disheartening to think that the person most responsible for most of even the small, insufficient amount of discussion with and consideration for Ingress agents is leaving. Those of us who have been frustrated by the dribbles of lean and late communication from Niantic over the last few years sometimes forget that before @RedSoloCup became GCM, there was even less - no AMAs, no Vanguard program, COMMs full of spam, only the most obvious, highest-profile cheats and bad actors banned... and those of you who started playing after have no idea. I am less than reassured by Niantic accounts suddenly making several posts with little content after this announcement. I hope your leaving Niantic is not a step backwards in relations with their Ingress user base. I hope they have planned for a successor who will continue to fight as hard, or harder to have users' voices heard, and contribute to making Ingress the unique team-based game of exploration and community building we've seen it can be. I hope Niantic uses your departure as an opportunity to do better. I hope, but it is a hope very much at odds with Niantic's history - I am am afraid I hope in vain.

    Thank you for the work you did on behalf of Ingress users, and the very best of luck with your future endeavors.

  • Thank you for the work you've put into the game and good luck with whatever the future brings, you shall be missed!


  • Does anyone know how to ship a fragile item? I still have the ENL stained glass piece I made and I might want to send it to andrew as thanks.

  • It makes me sad that you will be leaving Niantic. I have always enjoyed meeting with you at the anomalies. I am a "little old lady with poor eyesight" but when I talk with you, I feel your genuine concern about the senior citizens' vision problems with Prime Ingress. You are an excellent listener; Niantic will have a humungous job of trying to find someone to fill your shoes. Thank you for your dedication to the Ingress "game" and all the best in your future endeavors.

  • Do you think a free RedSoloCup beacon is a good idea?

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    We will miss you

  • Goodluck in your next adventures Krug, and thanks for all of the effort you put into your work for Niantic and with the community.

  • I only got to meet you at a few events this past year but I'm sad to see you go. You've fought hard to bring a player perspective to Niantic that I'm sure we all thank you for. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

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    If you want to see or remember what was field art like, see my Instagram post. It was made at Melbourne, Australia on January 2018. According to agent's sitrep was on Google+, it was commemorate the inaugural NL-1331 visit to Melbourne.

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    @RedSoloCup Let me ask two questions this time.

    1. Who is new global community manager? Will be unveiled by during January 2020?
    2. Who is going to hold January 2020 Ask Me Anything? Brian Rose? Or new global community manager?
  • Oh...

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    I've been playing for 4-5 years and i begin to hear about you just one year ago in your AMA's and then in your threads in this forum. Its quite less than many players in this world, but.. i will really miss you over here.

    You're the only one in the whole Ingress staff who makes me feel that you really care about ingress players, their daily issues, their questions... I can say i trust in you more than any ingress GM, NiaOps or Ingress Support. It doesnt matter if we get other Community Manager, he/she cannot replace you!

    You're a trustworthy man and a great community manager.

    Wherever you go, i hope you do well!

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    New people take the place now and work on Niantic? @ni@NianticBrian

  • Thank you for your patience with this ragtag fleet of fugitive geeks, your insight into community and grand events (I'll never forget Exo5 in San Francisco), and your humour and quiet undercurrent of passion for the players and this game.

  • Glad I had the opportunity to interact with you although only online, in slack and telegram. Thank you for all your hard work with Niantic. Hope to one day actually meet you in person as a fellow agent.

    Good luck and all the best sir.

  • Thank you for the part you played in this game that became part of us. Though it is difficult to imagine the game without you, all things have a timespan. Good luck with your future and I hope your choice brings you happiness. You will always be a part of the game.

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    Is there a concern that Andrew is moving on because he sees the writing on the wall and wants to go elsewhere?

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    It's hard to find a game that made me feel welcomed until they need to find someone to hate or bully collectively, and this news saddens and gave me a bit of relief at the same time.

    I guess it is time to move on in some way, although it is a three years of habit that is hard to put down totally...And I wish you the best.

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