2020 Event Schedule (Jan - May)



  • When can we expect to get the details of the Hexathalon cities @NianticBrian especially for the February date? Would these be something along the line of the Field Test conducted not too long ago?

  • A very big THANK YOU for bringing back mission days!!!! This is very good news!

  • Bylo by moudré co nejdříve oznámit města!! Zajistit letenky a hotely na poslední chvíli je dost stresující!!! P5K ať se NIA nediví, že na anomaly spousta agentů "hodí bobek".

  • After the last round of anomalies... I'm kinda okay giving Niantic a little extra time to work on the servers. Hopefully once Germany comes around they'll be able to have a stable anomaly, and be able to announce more.

  • So they realize they can't charge us for something, in which we do the lion share of the work setting up. And the solution is to have events that no one will want to go to.

    Can't charge, so reduce costs instead?

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    Will those hexathlons be the same as the first hexathlon (aka field tests)?

  • aaronviannoaaronvianno ✭✭✭✭

    Those Field Tests were disappointing. If the Feb & April events are anything like them, they're a dud.

  • Onsite/Offsite Badge prices?

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    I’m looking forward to cities and details for the Hexathlons and Mission Days. 😃

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    The Hexathalon is a mini-anomaly. And they have two (2) of them including a full fledged anomaly. That's one event every two months. In the past, they had one event every 3 months, at most.

    Please don't diminish what they are doing. There is still opportunities to travel, and meet people. It will be fun. give it a chance before saying it's disappointing.

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    people in a TG channel saying how bad german internet is and really expensive.. so take this in mind if u plan to go.. didnt think german 4g internet would be slow and bad...

  • When I read about Munich being the only Anomaly-site my first thought was that there must be a *really big* playbox. Otherwise there are too fast too many people in a cell -> network-breakdown. Mobile network is really awful and very expansive. But Niantic already experienced how bad the german mobile network is and should consider this in the planning process

  • Scarcity does not create demand. Fewer events will lead to a further reduction in participation. And ingress cannot afford to have the number of participants continue to decline.

    Drive participation by having more events. Lower the barrier to entry and more people will participate. Yes there are a number of us who will see the word anomaly and come running. But intercontinental travel is a significant hurdle for a lot of people. I know a number of people who have drifted away but who still might participate in major events like anomalies. But there needs to be a wider range of opportunities to bring those players back.

    Anomalies are a catalyst for communities. Give a group of people a common goal and they'll come together. I had fun at the September hexathalon event, but it didn't have the same vibe. It was great to see people whom I don't often get a chance to see, but the collaborative and competitive spirit was missing. It would make a great format for an enhanced First Saturday, but it leaves a lot to be desired for a "tent pole event."

    Ingress has been a fascinating social experiment in bringing people together. While it's possible to play it as an individual, it's the team aspects that really make it shine. I urge you to reconsider the format and availability of the recently-announced events to be more in line with the community-driven competition that makes Ingress unique.

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