Is another Member from Nemesis from 1218?

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While watching the last Tessellation results/placements i noticed something interesting when it came to Enochs sharding.

In it, it states that Lexicon requested to destroy Enoch themselves and that it was personal for them which was curious... It made it seem like Lexicon knew Enoch and had a vendetta against him. When the tessellation finally updated the plot thickened.

We know multiple Nemesis agents wanted to "take care" of Enoch but this was the first time we had ever heard of Lexicon and that there was a personal reason attached to this sharding that was outside of just Enochs expertise. When the tessellation updated "personal" had a link added to it, which takes you back to the Tesserae Elegy. This is where details matter when it comes to the way things are worded.

Elgeys Tesserae states:

Nemesis destroyed Enoch Dalby's Simulacrum at a party he was DJ'ing. On the 1218 node, their Carrie Campbell died, and their Enoch wrote a song lamenting her passing, called Elegy. On the Osiris node, Enoch died, leaving Carrie to mourn him. Elegy in reverse.

The main part i am focused on here is this "On the 1218 node, their Carrie Campbell died, " Since the only subjects of this Tesserae are Carrie, Enoch, and Nemesis, this implies that who ever destroyed Enochs Simulacrum was possibly from 1218 (as it states "Their Carrie") and had done so because Carrie didnt survive in 1218. But how was that Enochs fault?

1218s Enoch didnt push for 1218s Carrie to sacrifice herself that we know of, and in her ****, he was obviously mourning even if it wasnt as upfront. Maybe the blame comes from him not stopping her, or maybe its because he didnt mourn her enough or try to find a way to bring her back. Either way something extreme happened for 1218s mistake to seem bad enough that Osiris Enoch needed to suffer for it.

With that i think we should look at everyone that experienced that **** of Carrie Campbell and who took it harder than others. It may give us some insight to who Lexicon is, or who the person who killed Enoch was.

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  • I read that as saying that one elgy song was written for the **** of Carrie, and the other was written for the **** of Enoch, since the events happened in reverse in each node. Maybe I am naive, but I do not read the "them" as referring to Nemesis, but to the 1218 researchers.

  • I wonder if it's the 1218 Enoch. Which would make sense...

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