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    So, do you keep all of those keys charged up? No? So they are grey? Why have them all then? Apparently I'm missing the point in have a 1700+ keys for any reason unless you are planning some sort of a linkstar, or are getting ready to recurse and attempting to break a speed record or something. But still...sheesh.

    I currently have 600 keys in key capsules, (all full), and 4 qcaps with about 90 in each rotating around for local fielding, but that's still too many. Most are being dumped later tonight when I get a chance to go thru them. Can't really play when you have 25%-50% of your inventory tied up in keys.

    Even though they are worth 500 xm per, sometimes just dumping that capsule with the keys on the ground then "forgetting about it for 12+ hours" is one of the best ways to get rid of them, if you can't seem to recycle them yourself.

    How often are you going to actually use some of those "1700+ keys" ?

    You mention 20 keys for a specific plan, but that's not the 1700 you mentioned in your original post. Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Extra inventory space is not an I Win button, unless your enemy is madly pressing the "CBF" button.

  • I charge as much as I can but its still besides the point. Your way of playing is not compatible with what I want from the game. So lets not pretend you know what is right for me? Personally I keep very few local Keys and remove scores of Keys all the time, meanwhile farming more to useful portals in quantum capsules... They are not only for my personal use.

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    Hey @NianticBrian, given this thread is about the Hank Johnson pack (and went woefully off track arguing about key recharging) could you post this information as it's own discussion thread led by you?

    Might be more useful for people to suggest ideas there.

  • I thought about buying this as I don't have the medal and have enough CMU doing nothing to buy it. The gear is an added bonus, but not needed. If the medal would appear chronologically correct, that would make it more attractive. Having it out of order would make me feel like when they gave the Black Guardian to everyone who was close to 150, but didn't actually hit it. I do regret not buying medals at early events though.

    As for those chirping about key lockers and the such. I used to think that people who bought key lockers were cheating, even though it was part of the game. It's paying to win. When they gave us the free locker, I found out how nice it was to have. I bought a few more, but they mostly hold either keys that I never use (or don't realize I even have) or ones from traveling. I'll never tell someone how to play the game, but I don't think someone should be able to buy so much extra storage.

  • I would much rather know when a portal is under attack before it is dead and not having the game lock up when I am recharging or sorting capsule contents before any badge/commercialization.

    You cant try and get money out of an inferior business without first fixing the business.

    Why are pogo players incentivized to come here? I have a screenshot of a lvl 1 0 ap player with 700+ opr agreements lipping off in our comms.

    Something is wrong with the whole model.

  • I would love to see the ADA badges return!

    I am in the same mind set as others. I dont see the difference between getting a card at an anamoly or NL meetup and this. That being said, it is a slippery **** but ti does sound like Niantic is working on ways to keep things balanced without this being play to win.

    Paths of Exile is funded almost entirely off of cosmetics micro sales... Keeps them afloat while maintaining a balance. This is pretty close to that.

    Lets face facts people. If Ingress doesnt make Niantic money, they will have to reallocate those resources that are currently supporting Ingress. Which means they gotta do something... plus, I am sure a lot of this is field testing just see what the community will buy.

  • I just purchased Hank Johnson Bundle at the store, but unfortunately I didn't get a medal.

  • Just the medal please. My inventory is always nearly full, so I really don’t need all the other stuff and I hate recycling useful items.

  • This type of "medal" is a tremendous visual pollution, it is no signifance of a achievement. No, thanks!

  • I'm sorry, it was my misunderstanding. Previously purchased and distributed.

  • @NianticBrian A paid subscription service could be interesting if there was sufficient benefits with a reasonable cost but I do hope that a free account is maintained for those that are let's say not so fortunate financially.

  • I will pay for permanent value (key lockers, for example). I'm not keen on a subscription service for anything.

    If Niantic needs to increase revenue, then just offer better stuff. Charge me one time: $10/$20/$50, $75, whatever, and let me buy a VR duping Quantum. Ditto with a 6th key locker.

    Make me pay a monthly fee for something? No thanks. It's about total cost, not an affordable payment (and value).

  • Those who lose to this limitation have been gone into cheat world like making another accounts.

    So people who cheat are allowed to have this, while the rest of us have to live with them getting more inventory for free? If anything, this only benefits real players not backpacks, because who's going to subscribe twice.

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    I really like the idea of a subscription. But I wouldn’t pay for one with the game in it’s current state.

    I feel like if the game’s main elements (linking long distance during CP, for instance) aren’t working, people are not going to be willing to invest in Ingress. Not getting ANY feedback on a topic openend in regards to this issue doesn’t help. I feel the same way about upcoming anomalies, I will not travel a long distance and arrange accommodations just to experience what happened at Antwerp.

    Might even be too little too late. So many people stopped playing, I’d like more inventory space if I would need it. Right now, I hardly use bursters because there is nothing to destroy. My fields will be up indefinitely if I charge them, because there’s nobody to destroy them.

    Ah well.

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    @NianticBrian I hope we can get free CMU in foture when Prime have adventure sync. Soon agents can buy for free in store if we get same low and good price Pokémon GO have. Now the store are very bad without free CMU and extreme high price.

  • I think you people at Niantic are doing an extremely good Job... If you are trying to **** off ingress, that is.

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    I wonder how anomalies will turnout, the team with most subscribers will have more inventory space vs the other team that doesnt?

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    Brian, weird people work for your company.

    You do not remove the ability to play from two devices at the same time (this is when there is one smartphone in your left hand and one smartphone in your right hand), you cannot ban accounts-bags, but you want to do an inventory extension. 

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    I’d love this bundle.

    How about medal-sorting feature? I want to see character medals in line.

  • It isn't quite that simple. Run with First World prices in a Third World market, and you get virtually no money from those regions. The obvious solution is to set the price by region to something that region can afford. At least that way you're making at least some money from that area. This is something the gaming industry has been grappling with, as US prices in say Russia or Brazil just means that the game is going to get pirated to hell and back.

    Unfortunately, this risks some blowback from First World players getting cranky over having to pay more money for the same thing. Rock, meet hard place.

    There's a discussion about the difference between "equal" and "fair" that Niantic will have to have internally. I do not envy them on this one.

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    Brian they're not asking for "yet another" key locker; they're just asking to be able to purchase the five lockers that already exist, even though they have the special edition locker in inventory.

  • I mean, this says exactly what two of the biggest differences are between this, and the historical availability of a package like this: there's no card (it's not transferable, to save and distribute/use when needed as an emergency, or collectible as physical item), and no associated anomalies, NL1331 meetups, or Mission Days scheduled.

  • Given that most anomalies I don't even use my full inventory, your argument is invalid. You could give me 40,000 inventory spaces and I'd still only use 400 bursters and 50 Aegis.

  • @starwort I don't think I quite follow:

    1. People are not asking to buy "yet another" key locker.
    2. People currently have 4 normal key lockers plus 1 special key locker, so 5 total key lockers for +500 inventory specifically for keys.
    3. People are just asking to buy 5 normal key lockers even though they have 1 special key locker, so 6 total key lockers.
    4. People are not asking to buy "yet another" key locker.

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  • No, quite often the other team is barely playing so there's nothing to do but recharge.

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