Hank Johnson medal loadout available in the Store



  • I don't really need your pity, thanks anyway.

    I've got a nice new character badge to enjoy 😁

  • MxxMxx ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2019

    But still what's the point of bundling gear with the medal?

    Split them out and let people buy ONLY what they value.

    This "1 per month" will not stop people from buying power. They will just open extra accounts to buy gear.

    You are going back on your promise to the community to keep this game fair for everybody.

    Profit above all.

  • PayToWin?

  • I’d potentially buy the kit loadouts but have NIL interest in these character medals, no disrespect to those who like to collect them, but they’re not for me.

    Regarding Inventory Space, I was hoping that the black locker, the free additional locker given away in Y5, would make a return as locker space is less overpowered than a flat increase to the inventory.

    I fully appreciate that Niantic would like to make Ingress more profitable, but there are definitely some community-friendly ways of doing this.

  • What will Happen If i buy this bundle?

    I redeemed this original Code oder a Year ago (in Kaltenberg). So this Character is in my Scanner. Will there bei a 'new Tier' or does it consume my CMU without any changes? Will i work overall?

  • sonjohansonjohan ✭✭
    edited December 2019

    Seems reasonable, and an incentive for Niantic to hunt down multi accounters.

  • Why not make an additional 500 available for each recursion?

  • So just to clarify before I don't buy.. I would realy get 40 Level 16 xmp and 20 Level 16 powercubes? 😁

  • I think selling 2015 badges is not such a good idea (leave something just for old timers) but 2017 badges would be fun to see in the store.

  • About the subscriptions, PLEASE don't give players in-game advantages for a monthly fee, this is even worse than selling gear in the store,

    Why not put ads in the game and make a paid version without ads. This is how almost every other app out there makes money, Of course this also means removing all pay-to-win, this includes frackers (make them hackable).

  • Love the avatars, can't wait to see new ones in January! Other cosmetic options, and subscription benefits are great user-suggested and supported ideas I hope do get implemented as well.

    It'd be great to have a new digital badge available for purchase regularly, or even occasionally, and it's nice to see an old favorite available now. The digital packets worked fine as an add-on to event participation, although it was sad to see physical swag and participation by Niantic characters and staff reduced at the same time.

    However, making L8 equipment available for purchase independent of an event, even just this once (nevermind occasionally or regularly) or as a part of a bundle is a TERRIBLE idea, and once again, goes back on the promise made by John Hanke.

    I definitely won't be buying the digital package, and won't be forwarding this announcement to advertise it's inclusion in the store in my community, the way I normally would with the introduction of a new Ingress product or event I was excited about.

    Speaking of which, I'm also excited about the next Ingress cruise having been scheduled, and seeing if Niantic will choose to add value to the event during its second iteration.

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    I hope it is free or we can earn free CMU when Prime have adventure sync. In Pokémon GO we can earn free money and buy space for free money.

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