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  • My question has not been answered. Just in case, i repost it here, @RedSoloCup . Thanks

    Hi Andrew. Any feedback on the insights on this post?

    It would be nice to know if the team is working on this issue. Thanks

  • I can vouch for this issue as well. What basically happens is I sort the portal keys by name, start from the top, and sift through them slowly looking for keys to recharge. At some point after taking certain actions like recharging resonators or exiting to hack nearby portals, and returning to the list, the list becomes totally jumbled, clearly not sorted by title or distance, and nearly always requiring a restart to fix. This issue happens with tremendous consistency -- roughly 3-5 times every time I sit down to recharge keys. But I don't know exactly what triggers it. Can I send you a video of it too? I just wouldn't want public players to know what keys I have :) I am @BillDB on TG!

    Thanks for looking into this.

  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭✭

    It looks to me that this happens when the app does for some reason not keep the whole list of Keys in memory and is then at some point forced to reload a part of the list.

  • Wayfarer section was all useless. What kind of **** questions were picked.

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  • Ok sorry this has been playing on my mind since I read the updated AMA for November.

    So niantic have stated that they are not intending to put a description function in for edits as they may influence wayfarer.

    Can someone tell me what the function of the added supporting statement is for in nominations. Is this not the exact same thing or am I missing something. It's a place to write and explain why this should be a portal.

    An edit description is for the purpose for to give a reason why it needs to be changed. It's not trying to influence wayfarer review but say something has been moved google street may show it's old location. Therefore the portal will be in the incorrect place until street or satellite view in some cases be updated. What happens if the location becomes unsafe?

    What a crazy idea not do this.

  • There has been a confusion for Ingress community lately in the Central America region where this kind of nominations are submitted abundantly and we would like an official guidance to improve our portal revision. Are community basketball/soccer fields without any sign or plaque acceptable as Wayspots? They don't have seats, they are open spaces where sport players organize friendly matches and a portal could interrupt some of the physical activities, but they are gathering places at the end... Thank you for your help.

  • Some of the most confusing and difficult to rate nominations in Central America are Community Buildings. A community building is a place present in every town where locals gather to participate in different cultural activities. They are normally buildings with residential-type and simple arquitecture, close to open sport fields and most of them don't have any sign or plaque. What are your position for this kind of places? Thank you for your time.

  • Sporting fields are 3 or 4 star accepts and community buildings 4 or 5 star. Why are they debating this?

  • u3k21u3k21 ✭✭
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    That answer to the Upgrades question for Wayfarer is bogus. The Upgrades have been slowing down dramatically, what used to take a couple of days started taking a week and is now taking weeks to a month and at this rate beyond. This is not satisfactory and telling us it is working as designed is an insult, either to our intelligence if it's not working properly or an insult to the work OPR/Wayfarer reviewers have put in if Niantic wants this to be the new normal.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭
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    If there are no or not enough reviewers actively reviewing, then upgrades will still sit in the queue.

    I have several upgrades in queue that have been there for months. The problem is simply, not enough reviewers. If I were you, I would encourage the locals to keep reviewing.

    These are my oldest upgrades, and were upgraded when that system was introduced. I'm still waiting.

  • @Azhreia that tired 'get more people to vote' response has no relevance to this, the point of upgrades is to draw reviews from outside of the area which is the point of it being prioritized and more to the point the number of local voters has spiked because of the introduction of Pokemon Go voters so it makes even less sense. They have done something in the background, I don't know if it's some sort of bottleneck or they have grossly overcorrected on the number of local voters needed to account for the number of new Go voters, but Upgrades are ruined here and from so many others I have been in contact with it's broken in their area too,

  • Ummmm.. no. Upgrades merely push nominations to the top of the review queue. Nothing else.

    Have you considered that with so many new submissions, and so many new reviewers, when everyone's upgrades get bumped, the first upgrade will just drop down again as more and more other upgrades are bumped to the top. While upgrades are bumped to the top, that doesn't meant they'll stay there.

  • u3k21u3k21 ✭✭
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    ummmmmm yeah

    when you're reviewing and your review location is locked to Ohio and your bonus location is Florida and your hometown location is New York and you get that review from Nevada it's because that Nevada review earned prioritization. This system is broken, they refuse to say anything with the lame excuse of people "gaming the system" but the reality is probably that their system is just garbage.

    Non-upgraded submissions are getting into voting faster than upgraded submissions, non-upgraded submissions of comparable quality in the same area as upgraded submissions are getting approved quicker, this system is just trash at the moment. The fact they refuse to acknowledge it's trash probably means it's likely to get worse than better.

  • I would like clarification on what is considered safe pedestrian access. I'm reading that people are rejecting nominations, because there are no sidewalks. Just because there isn't a sidewalk, doesn't mean that it's not safe. In our area, we don't have sidewalks or curbs. People walk on grass and shoulders. It's completely safe, but I think some reviewers are a little overzealous with hitting 1* because they don't see a sidewalk in the photo.

    Please refrain from submitting these candidates, as reviewing these submissions slows down the process for everyone.

    • Candidates in locations with NO SAFE PEDESTRIAN ACCESS.

  • From the January 2019 AMA


    When it comes to "Safe Pedestrian Access" - There seems to be discrepancies between the definition for locations in Europe vs North America.

    In North America, there are these nice sidewalks, traffic signs, and such that makes an obvious "Safe Passage".

    In many places in Europe there are many streets where there aren't many paths dedicated to Pedestrian access. There is more of a "shared" area with vehicles and pedestrians. (You would think that after 2500 years of civilization, they could define sidewalks - but that's for another AMA).

    Should there be different criteria for different regions based on local guidelines and traditions that the community follows, or should there be a global criteria where "Safe Pedestrian Access" is the same?


    It would be impossible to set a specific global requirement. We also have to default to local municipalities and their laws. What is required in Thailand for a pedestrian offset may not be required in England. But both are deemed safe by local laws. So there is essentially different criteria and why people of a region and familiar with places review submissions.

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    @Azhreia I respectfully disagree. I understand being patient and wanting the system to work, but the biggest benefit of doing Wayfarer/OPR reviews was getting Upgrades to prioritize your nominations. I'm in a similar and almost comically disappointing situation. I have nominations that were "upgraded" a few days before Thanksgiving that are still sitting in queue, meanwhile a nomination in the same area I made a few days ago is in voting. I live & play right along a border of two regions. If I go a mile west and nominate something, it gets approved with no upgrades in a matter of days.

    I'm to the point where I have at least 10 active nominations with upgrades. At this rate, by Christmas all of my nominations will have upgrades, and it'll only be a matter of weeks that I have 10 banked upgrades, as well. What should I do at that point? With my nominations not moving, and no room for more upgrades, should I continue voting and helping things in other parts of the country go in? I won't. I'll stop. Sorry if anyone thinks that's selfish, but I'm not going to do something for nothing.

    Sorry your nominations have taken so long, too. Upgrades should not take over a week, anywhere. These POIs provide value to the community and to the Niantic as a business. At a certain point, Niantic should be involved in speeding aged upgrades up.

  • @NianticCasey Are you going to have November AMA Answers added to the updated acceptance log?

  • Thanks for the reminder @hoffenheim, I'll work on getting these clarifications added to the acceptance log for everyone to see.

  • AgentB0ssAgentB0ss ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NianticCasey So with that being said are OLD AMA answers still valid? If they are not it would be wonderful to know to ask specific questions later. Or if they are when will previous AMA answers be added to the acceptance log?

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    @NianticCasey What about the questions that were never answered in the AMA's? Will they be answered?

  • @NianticCasey With the recent news about Redsolocup, will there be someone else picking up the AMA's in a couple weeks?

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    Dont know if this will get answered or not but are cinema chains acceptable as pokestops? I know the argument is generic business bit are they really? I doubt you will ever fond more than 4 of the same chain in a city and even less chance of them being within 5 miles of each other, so they will definitely be unique to the immediate area. In top of that they are 100% a hyper local spot, hundreds to thousands of people will go through these a day/week and they are most definitely culturally important as friends, families, dating couples, children, adults, older people of all races and religions will go to the cinema. And the cast majority of cinemas will have been there for decades, so its not like they are temporary, they are important to the areas and history. I would argue that they fill a lot more acceptance criteria than the multitude of post offices and tiny play parks that are being mass submitted have. So yeah, my question (and my reasoning behind it) is should cinemas, chains or not, be accepted as pokestops?

  • This was a question that was never answered in November.

  • gazzas89gazzas89 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Cool, was hoping it would have been or will be

    Just out if interest, has there been questions on if british red phone box is a good pokestop. Following on fro that would a red phone box turned into a public defibrillator be a reject?

  • question about indoor playgrounds, looks like stuff at a McDonalds is getting denied because of being in a commercial business but a playground in a Sea World or Disney World is eligible, aren’t they the same? (and you don’t actually have to pay to use a McDonalds playground)

  • I believe this was specified in a previous AMA, that playgrounds attached to franchise businesses like McDonalds do not qualify. But standalone playgrounds are ok.

  • gazzas89gazzas89 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Has everyone else been having issues of pokestops/portals not being accepted, as in they just sit in queue, from what I can see on many discord and reddit channels nobody has had anything accepted since the 30th of December, or if they have they havent had the email about accepted and nothing has shown up in the game

  • We've had portals accepted locally. It just slowed down as people were not reviewing over the Christmas/New Year period

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