Hank Johnson medal loadout available in the Store

From the Niantic Project Archives, we're bringing back a popular vintage researcher medal loadout bundle (digital kit) to the Store for a limited time, ending Thurs, Dec 19 at 10AM PST. Like previous Umbra researcher medal loadouts, this is available 1 per agent and includes 1 in-app medal:

Archives: Hank Johnson Bundle (30,800 CMU)

  • Archives: Hank Johnson (2018) in-app medal
  • XMP Burster at your access level x40
  • Resonator at your access level x10
  • Power Cube at your access level x20
  • Rare Heat Sink x3
  • Rare Multi-hack x3
  • Very Rare Portal Shield x2
  • Aegis Shield x2
  • ADA Refactor x2
  • Jarvis Virus x2

If this vintage researcher medal is well received, then we'll bring back 1 researcher medal per month, available for a limited time window.



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