60% agreement rate and poor Wayfarer Rating = JOKE



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    you realize these are on non-vehicular traffic trail path correct? I think the example to reject should be roadside mile marker. Quite frankly I think the reasoning on people wanting to deny markers on paths is flawed considering how many national park trails I have gotten that have no name but have a marker? Maybe I am overthinking it but clearly the quality of submissions has not nosed dived maybe grammar needs improvement on submissions but quite frankly some people are being way too picky under the guise of visually appealing quite frankly not everything is supposed to be visually appealing if it is functional it should be valid not to mention the quality is a lot better than all of the car mirror shots I have seen from people submitting early on. Quite frankly I feel that there is a double standard. Not everything has to be in the city center and a lot of these trails are in low density areas but people just knock people's submissions assuming they know what niantic wants. It is subjective if the community feels that they meet the criteria they get approved they are grey area guidelines quite frankly trails are too subjective and it would be nice for niantic to actually understand having a name on every single thing isn't always possible I used to give a lot rural trail markers without names a pass under wayfarer back when it was OPR I wasn't going to make the agent resubmit the markers when they looked like they existed at the location because they just had directional arrows.

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    @Jo0Lz it is on it just abbreviated are people that dense? Seriously each trail has an BB for bowman branch, FC for fish creek, and RLP for river legacy park? That are not on a road. Mind you these aren't like the U.K which a lot of people actually think the U.S. has posts everywhere we don't. They are only on trails and most have information about the trail in areas with money. I loved the argument someone made on reddit that they work at a park and it would cost about $4000 to do a trail with what niantic shows on trail compared to what is in a lot of parks.

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    Super glad my rating is still at Green.

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    I went back to green after I retook the test. I personally haven't seen a huge quality drop on what is passing. We have agents helping new people with submitting and learning the criteria regionally. I mean the the lowest quality portal to pass was the fishing pier at the lake with no sign. I haven't seen heaps of coal pass. Looks like people are rejecting the restrooms and generic picnic tables along with the drains. It isn't passing. I don't even think we have a really high participation of submissions from my city honestly. Looks to be about 10 people. I am in a few groups locally they are asking questions on how things go. It probably helped that the few agents that were submitting seeded most of the parks in the last few years. I am seeing a lot apartment complexes submitted which are fair for the pools etc but not the signs which have been plaguing us in voting.

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    The stuff on single family residential property is the no-no from lawsuit. The school property stuff has potential to cost more in having to deal with phone calls to remove them from school than they will generate in additional money.

    But joining you in giving up on reviewing. (Not in red though).

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    I wonder if there is some way to give reviewers feedback more than, "you are now poor but we're not going to tell you how to improve." The point of testing can be both formative and summative.

    I only have 3000 reviews, about half before pogo reviews. Before wayfarer I was always green, now that our backlog has been cleared, I occasionally dip in to yellow. I have seen things I've given 1* be accepted in game since pogo came out: a generic GameStop in a stri.p mall (s.t.r.i.p is censored on the forums?), a memorial bench with a title of "memorial bench" with no description (and a request for it to be made an ex gym in the comments). I've been posting some on wayfarercoal on Reddit. A large number of submissions I see (even ones I accept) put that it should be accepted because there are no gyms nearby, or that the submission is "supported" by many local pokestops. Even really good submissions that I will give 4* to think that not having pokestops nearby is the most important thing about submitting a wayspot

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    Take a look around the recent discussions. NIA staff is not replying anywhere.

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    To be fair, two examples Ingress players have posted on this forum to prove the "obvious trash" that are now being accepted were a mural and a landmark building by a renowned architect. There was always room for some rebalancing of the pre-PoGo system. I imagine nobody will do or say anything until the system settles because it's currently working as intended. That's just my guess though.

  • Despite the "wrong examples", something has changed.

    It's not possible that so many agents now got a Poor rating, and (random?) just after Wayfarer has been released to PoGo players.

    Btw I have an open support ticket relating this issue .and I am waiting an answer since ten days ago (it has been raised),

    therefore I guess there is something wrong...

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    It seems like everyone but Brian over at NIA are on holiday :)

    The appeal forums have last post 19th of November.

    Edit: well, when you're wrong, you're wrong. Seems like someone is still actively working on appeals. xD

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  • The reason Trail Markers are named in the guidelines is because in the U.S. Trail Markers are placed in trails that go through mountains and nature reserves. It was stated that Trail Markers were good POI's because they encourage walk and exercise and fall under the criteria of adventurous tourist attractions. The trail marker you show does not fall under those criteria and also doen't encourage walk and exercise and therefore doesn't fall under the Trail Marker criteria.

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    whatever I am tired of agents acting like everything has to be prestigious. Quite frankly these are in the wooded areas to get people to explore. Tired of the people always wanting to reject at first sight because it doesn't fit the spirit of the guide well I am sure some hit poor because of their pickiness on things that could go either way. Oh by the way these markers are on linear trails where there is nothing else but these. Been trying to get people to explore the area but all I see is people complain about what they feel is minimally acceptable quite frankly it doesn't have to look the best but the functionality of the object what matters is if the photo is taken clearly description and title pertain to the object. I think people who hit red do need to re-evaluate their reasoning on why they are so strict because quite frankly a lot of valid objects have been denied due to subjectiveness that goes beyond what is asked for. I am also tired of all of the trash talking pokemon go players how about all these edits surfacing trashing portals with just horrible edits for personal gain. I think people need to step back take a breath and understand the world isn't over and abuse happened with just agents voting. It will get better report obvious abuse and don't bring the drama on the community forums as it just makes it worse for everyone.

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    Your buddy has yet to post any proof. It should be super simple to do so considering how flooded the system apparently is with coal.

    As another poster said above, the only people who have bothered to post have posted ambiguous subs or ones that are eligible, the burden of proof lies with the accusers and so far they have failed to do anything but **** (why is s c r e a m censored?) injustice. Perhaps they were bad reviewers all along, just propped up by the gatekeeping of Ingress. Also, I see loads of disagrees with my posts but no one wants to post proof.

    Of course it may be difficult to prove given that lots of coal exist pre-Wayfarer and pre-PoGo Wayfarer, but since that's the hill you've chosen to die on, then please prove it for God's sake.

    As for your numbers, that proves nothing. Perhaps there could be more, perhaps less. Who knows whether the portals approved were good or the ones rejected were bad? One thing's for sure, the database could be a lot more complete and better if Niantic had thought this through from the beginning. But having one game govern others, having different S2 cell requirements, having 0 training, incentive or repercussions etc. It's a shitshow. They are incompetent but that doesn't make your buddy right.

    Once again it's fear-mongering without proof. If we've lost him, all the better because no one needs fake news being spouted off. So much drama, so little proof.

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    Well, NIA is being silly, they placed this on the "possibly confusing nominations list":

    "Trailheads, trail markers, mile/distance markers, etc. - Acceptable, if they have a trail name on them. Simple mile markers along a trail with nothing other than a number should be rejected."

    Only to place these kinds of nominations in the "featured waypoints" list:

    So yeah. :D

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    Well (I'm not trying to bash you or anything) but you're being overly dramatic about people rejecting these specific waypoints. Sorry, but "they don't have to be prestigious", and "trying to get people to explore this area" is just another way of saying you disagree with their rating. People should follow the guidelines and "there's nothing else here to submit" is a shitty reason to accept trash.

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    eh I am tired of people finding reasons to reject quite honestly from what I am seeing pass a lot is retakes that were denied by ingress agents that do meet criteria. Sorry but not everywhere is in a spiral to the bottom of the barrel like some claim. Part of the problem people try to find reasons to deny not reasons to accept. I think people have issue with the fact that they can't have control over what gets approved. I am not seeing a massive downward spiral not to mention there seems to be more of strictness on what is being submitted and passing. Try getting an apartment complex commons area with a pool or tennis court approved 50/50 chance it will be denied.

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    But the "POI" you are complaining about aren't really POI's. Sorry, but I don't see any reason why those things should be portals. Maybe take it up with NIA in upcoming AMA, give this exact example and have them take a look.

    From what I'm seeing is you're frustrated about those submissions and are otherwise extremely vague. Sorry if I don't trust your judgement on what "does meet criteria".

  • Update,

    NIA support just answered me that my actual rate is 71% and not 67%, but I am still poor. 😂😂

    Moreover, scanner counter shows 1300 agreements less than actual value 😴

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    That is really weird. I'm at 62.7% and am in Great status.

    BTW, the agreements you get whilst you are in Poor status, don't count towards the badge in-game. So that is why you have 1300 that don't count towards the OPR badge.

  • Support confirmed that they will fix the visualization, moreover I was at 67,5% when I dropped to poor.§

    The shown stats still show about 67,5%, it's NIA support that wrote me they will fix that...

  • In my experience a lot of old reviewers have developped their own set of rules about what to accept and what to reject, deviating from Niantics guidelines. A lot of objects that should be rated 5* get a 1* rating.

    Just try to submit a POI in the category "Popular spots where locals gather but are lesser-known outside the community" or "Tourist spots that showcase local flavor and culture and that make your city/neighborhood unique". You will fail 100%.

    Unfortunatly this isn't going to change any time soon. There are hardly any new PoGo reviewers, because there is nothing to gain, like a recon medal in Ingress.


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    There are a lot of new reviewers from PoGo, and most of them with more than one account, Several even with an Ingress account for reviewing..

    In my area I am aware about at least 10 PoGo players that will do wayfarer with more PoGo accounts plus one Ingress account.

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