Network bug makes taking down portals to easy

Hi there,

in our City we have an RES Agent who takes down any portal real easy.

We built lvl7 portals with two very rare shields and wait together until he comes.

We can be five agents just waiting to recharge and we have no chance, as it just makes boom and nearly all resornators fall out without loosing energy, they just disappear.

And we all have a good internet connection with low latency pings.

People say he is using some sort of EDGE-hotspot and so can stack commands.

I have no idea how he is doing this, but is not fun if he just passes a street with about 10 lvl7 portals all with very good shielding and we togerther waiting to recharge and nearly all is gone afer he passed by tram.

Call it cheating or call it a bug in the game, but this is really a problem which kills fun of the game for many agents!

Using the anti-cheat-bot does not help... :-(

Please let us do something about this, please!



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