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  • I also think that GO + WayFarer is seriously broken somehow

    I have over 2000 agreements in OPR & over 50 portals added

    I NEVER saw a cool down warning in OPR / I have multiple of them in WayFarer

    I was always Great in OPR / I hit Poor in WayFarer (how is this even possible after I have reviewed so many prior portals???)

    The rating jumps around like mad (eg I start Great, it drops to Avg & gives cool down, I come back review it bumps back up to Great, then another cool down and falls to Poor)

    I know GO players are submitting trash and approving trash (I sent 2 portals to be removed this past week as Invalid already)

  • Trouble, with a capital T, and that rhymes with P which stands for "POOL"!

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    Sorry to burst your bubble. But I'm trying to figure out how pogo subs (mentions of spots and gyms in the description) are showing up in Wayfarer when many other Ingress portal submissions from even a few years ago still haven't been seen by locals?

    It seems that Wayfarer like OPR, is still not using Chronological order.

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    If you have, or others have, outstanding subs from years ago then it needs to be escalated to support and then if you dont get any joy create a thread on here and tag the relevant people.

    They said a while ago that all of the backlog of old subs had been cleared and that if anyone had some outstanding then there was problem somewhere and to report it.

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    Niantic also implemented Upgrades, when a nomination is "stuck" with not enough votes for acceptance or reject.

  • PoGo player here, tried to play Ingress but it's not really played in South Ireland from the logs 100 miles barely any portals get captured daily sometimes weekly, so I stopped playing, I for 1 don't 5 star everything and follow the rules, imo you have every right to hate as I have seen these stupid '5 star everything' rubbish but don't say we all do it some of usj ust want to add portals because of lack of Ingress players. I mean there are countries around the world that barely have portals/stops so it's handy for players who might visit that area to help local groups but they need to follow the guidelines or we all loose out

  • Has anyone noticed that since wayfarer took over the badge count has dropped as well,for every 50 I use to do now it’s only counting 15-20 on average,

    to me wayfarer is using us as suckers now and using our time in Opr and manipulating it for some unknown benefit to themselves.

  • im agreement average went from 62% average to sitting at about 68% - before a long session of wayfaring.

    I found that due to communicating with my local community early on and submitting things they would want, and advising them of the submission criteria, that at least my side of my city has been quite good with what they have or haven't been submitting.

    Most people spoke to myself or the other ingress agent in the raid communication rooms and either we had already submitted or its a portal that just isn't in pokemon.

    I due to the relationship i have with many level 40 players actually got them to while with me use there submissions on high quality candidates on my to submit list. Myself and a different trainer did a **** walk and she used 5/7 of her submissions on various trail signs along the way, the first one was an unprompted, well why isn't this a pokestop.

    In the week that pokemon go has been reviewing my pending submissions went from 130 in queue/voting down to 18 - which is incredible.

    There are some portals that are valid as per the guidelines that are now finally getting approved and it's truly a blessing.

    I think that if a trainer or an agents gets x amount of submissions rejected in a period of time they have to take a short quiz to confirm their knowledge of valid POI's. I know there is a lot of children whose parents lied about their google account age who have been submitting there bus stops and or schools, So I 1* accordingly, But at least in my experience due to myself and other agents being known by our pokemon communities and letting them know that new stops would be appearing they for the most part are happy with the game board.

    However for me the more portals the merrier.

    I've noticed that I'm getting more agreements after 9:30pm (when Raids end im my local time) and during the lunch break window. But have faith, there are bad actors in both pokemon and ingress that have yet to be discovered. and know that if you spy in accurate portal location edits in particular they can only come from L12 or higher ingress accounts now.

    Sorry if i started talking in circles typing this around 1am local time.

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    I started to think ingress players are rejected eligeble stops for some reason.

    Im really pissed off right now. I reviewed 650 nominations,thinking i helped every niantic community by doing my part.

    in the meantime my group submitted 21 stops. We already got 6 rejections for ultimate BS. Why bother if people are rejecting perfectly good nominations. Why would people do that? Why make it more difficult? Why guessing or making up reasons to reject? People dont want more stops? Really more annoyed about that, than the casual bs nominations you come across(sometimes even a good laugh and with all the new reviewers, the waitingline still shrinks)

    Greetings from a pogo player

    Reasons for rejecting were:

    "natural element" while having a sign with history and explanation about the natural element

    "seasonal" while its a freakin unmoveble object/site or a new mural or streetart. (what.? You seriously think i took a chalk and draw it myself)

    "not enought evidence that it is in the location" Google view is 8 years old.. Seriously

    Use logic

    If you clearly see that it is in the same location as pictures, if you have a added photo of the surroundings.. If its now a easy moveble object,why would you reject.

    "photo was bad quality" There was a 1mm black corner if you zoomed out, due to the telephone case


  • If your street view is old make a photosphere at the location.

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    And to add to what @ninthnomad said:

    Art that's drawn with sidewalk chalk falls foul of the "temporary display" criterion.

    Trees and shrubs are a bit of an iffy thing; it's one thing if they're a memorial or have some other connection to the history/culture of an area, but the focus should be on whatever informational signs/plaques may be associated with the tree/shrub, and not the tree/shrub itself.

    Here's an example from a town near where I live, the "Chambers Pear Tree":

    (EDIT: Apparently, "b.u.s.h" is a verboten word, even if you're talking about horticultural matters 🙄)

  • I thought that the concerns of the wayfarer agents were unfounded but if the quality of nominations is dropping then this is a real problem.

  • Its a legit streetart and big also🧐. Painted in order by the goverment to adress the dreams of citizens for a better living environment. Its there since 1,5 years ago. It can not be removed. That was my point, why would somebody say seasonal.. 🤦‍♀️ Do such people think i painted it myself with chalk😂. Are they paranoid?

    The rule of the natural element:if there s a man made sign referring to the natural element then its elegible. There is a sign.. Clearly seen on both photos.. If people dont know the rules, why reviewing it

    Photosphere yes, adding it to additional info yes. But is it too much to ask if i say, use logic if you can clearly see it in the photo s and if its not moveble. Why make everything so difficult.. Really dont get it?? Whats the point?

    Are they ingress players boycotting new stops? Are they people who dont know the rules? Are they paranoid nerds? For me its a real turn off. Dont even feel like reviewing anymore. We get 7 nominations in 14 days. We live in a area where there is allot to nominate. But with this rate we have to nominate the same stops all over again and just hope they end with normal people to review, if not do it all over again. Mayby in three years we have more stops

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    Im not so sure that the problems you are experiencing are necessarily due to ingress players rejecting PoGo nominations more the fact that PoGo players havent been correctly educated in correct POI's

    Thats not an insult to PoGo players, its a criticism of the way Niantic rolled out submissions without enough guidance to new submitters.

    Personally i have seen new submissions from local PoGo players that I have had to reject because they are unaware of things like having a license plate in the picture.

    Ingress players have had lots of time to learn what is a good submission and what isnt, sure you still get people who will chance it, but they are in the minority.

    PoGo players havent had this learning curve, and so lots of invalid submissions are being rejected.

    While admittedly some valid POI's are probably being rejected incorrectly, the bulk of the rejections are going to be valid as the submissions are just not worthy candidates.

  • So how do you explain completely eligeble stops are being rejected?

    Btw I think the majority of pogo players dont use wayfarer but only submitting within pogo. (allot of casuals who dont want to do the work) You would assume the "problem" with wayfarer for pogo would be that people would rate everything 5* just to get more stops but it isnt. Thats already proven wrong

    So who are the people rejecting everything? Are there players who have their own rules about whats a eligeble stop instead of taking wayfarer rules? Is it own opinions of what is a "good" stop? Is there a secret code amongst ingress players? And why wouldnt they want more stops?

    We will see how this goed🤔🤺🕵️‍♀️😉

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yeah this is primarily what I think is happening and is affecting long-standing reviewers ratings. Things that shouldn't be rejected are getting rejected by the new players and things that should be rejected arent, likely because the reason Ingress players are rejecting/accepting are buried in an AMA the majority of players will never read

  • I'm sorry - I definitely feel your frustration with reviewers, and this is a garbage result - but I couldn't help but laugh out loud at how ridiculous this is.

    I am noticing an uptick in low quality portals being accepted as well, along with good quality ones being rejected. The donut place I submitted that i "whined" about being rejected twice was eventually approved after being submitted by a Pogo player, with a description featuring typos, and an obvious car photo. I said lots of swear words (before submitting a picture and proper description for it).

    Also noticed a new approved portal/stop of the sign outside of a **** mall. The kind that has all the store names on it. So that was cool. Thankfully, the approved garbage is few and far between, at least here.

  • The feature is very new to us pogoers and most people hit the level 40 cap easily by now, where getting to level ten in ingress sounds much harder, level 40 has been done in a week before. Also the info we received for the system was vague at best. We have been waiting for the system for a year so I think a lot are just going a bit mad with submissions. I Personally find the review system boring as 9 out of 10 are rubbish or I'm unsure. Tried to review yesterday and got a hospital, 5 new postboxes, an allotment no idea if this is aloud but never seen one, 2 front gardens and then finally a park play area. Hopefully it will get better or people who submit rubbish have some kid of cap or don't get as many submissions

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    The fact that nobody from NIA has commented on any of the threads is disappointing.

  • Yes. Since there's no any kind of official response, we end up with tons of speculation, which also helps to fuel tension between old and new reviewers, as can be seen in many threads. That is hardly to anyone's benefit.

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    @NianticCasey Just to ping you, as you mentioned that you collated from several threads. In another thread.

    In this thread, my OP was made to the issue from 24 hours since wayfarer was opened to pogo players

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    Actually, when you see the garbage being nominated, and going through, since PoGO players began to use WayFarer, it is a subset of the PoGO playerbase.

    Either those deliberately not reviewing to the required criteria, or using a bots to do so.

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    I agree it is a subset but the tone some agents on the forums are saying its all pogo players and none should vote is not honest. I am seeing few here and there now that should not pass. I found a generic condo building passed next city over. Yet the overall amount of junk passing locally isn't that many approved way points. I also noticed a massive slow down on answers with upgrades two weeks now on a park playground and pavilion in same park pending. I am getting answers back on edits as well. Just in the last week locally we are seeing improvement locally with support statements, photos, and descriptions and less trees etc. I think the novelty is wearing off.

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