TR4 POLLS: All_L_ly

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Truthseekers: Only one Tesserae from this batch required a poll, so I'm doing this all in a single post. I'll start with the verified Placement Predictions we're already sending out, and the poll will be at the bottom.


RES all Discoverers : C03 

ENL DarkwingZA : n/a

TR4: Trickster Archetype

RES Vasconf77 & edjwriter : F10 

ENL ImBack4U : F11

TR4: Retribution

ENL NUKEM71917 : L02 

RES hikaruchu & AnonymousResSC : LO3

TR4: Who Killed Enoch Dalby?

ENL josecandido : n/a 


TR4: Explorer Archetype

RES yaryk : G11

TR4: Who Killed Carrie Campbell?

ENL SideFX316 : L04 

RES Wasps : K05

TR4: Hank Johnson is Patterned

ENL IkeVonHike & DarkSonatine : G00 

RES neonninja : G01

TR4: Myriad's Taunt

RES All Discoverers : B08 

ENL RougeComputer : B07

TR4: Courier

RES MinusFive : G10 

ENL : G11

TR4: Myriad

ENL PeanutsMom : B10 

RES : B11

And now, our poll. The Resistance unanimously made one Placement Prediction C06, for the Behind Locked Doors Tessera, so that will be submitted to the Tethered Hand, and we will not be including it in the poll. Voting on this poll will close on December 3rd at 1800 UTC.

TR4 POLL: Behind Locked Doors

TR4 POLLS: All_L_ly 73 votes

ENL mkbktm1981: K06
quirischaExMagelanyamabe3chousan07keeper1966yukikomachimisopepperaaronviannoasylum13matusatokocrystalwizardrei0000yogx200OhnoSuZ912unyyyuuuuuuysakiSuperduperNyanekibanPunto328 53 votes
ENL Amularia: J06
InvestigateXMtabinecoATR0P0SVicusSapphiress38iwamasalateabrunopuricshojiintibetsorsvikitebichisobaniwaboojinwariAlvaro20017MiketrevisgoldenGOUayakautRedAgent14chiyoyo3396Blaukehlchen1X968AX36 20 votes
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