60% agreement rate and poor Wayfarer Rating = JOKE



  • You wouldn't know the username, but they get to receive feedback of why they are incorrect.

    OPR/Wayfarer is a slog. I only played Ingress because I wanted to get my submissions from PoGo through. Only 1 of 21 had a decision after 6 months (and an incorrect one at that). When Wayfarer came out, only 2 of the remaining were in voting and now still are in voting for the last month.

    I have only submitted candidates that I know will pass (this time via Ingress) and yet I've had 10 of the 17 be rejected. It's a **** waste of time. Every single one of those had to be upgraded because as the above paragraph shows, it will remain in the system forever if there isn't one. So I've reviewed 1000 submissions for **** all because reviewers are **** bad and they need to be educated on their mistakes. From 1* generic business to not knowing how to use Google Maps, to just pure abuse of rejecting because they don't want stops in apartments and gated neighbourhoods. How can things ever change though when after numerous AMAs and the responder even putting down those who continue to stir up controversy over nothing, people still **** argue about PRP?

    I myself am close to quitting both games and all of Niantic's development, but if some entitled elitists here also throw in the towel, I would not feel sorry in the slightest.

  • You called them stops not portal or poi's. I am getting the impression that pogo players that now have access to Wayfarer won't vote your stuff in either. I don't think you will accomplish much here. Perhaps talking with people who actually vote on your stuff.

  • What would a split in databases achieve??

    2 databases would as you say keep old ingress players living in there fantasy world and pogo players thinking everything should be in.

    Both wrong.

    As I say I think the system is not broken I think niantic has fixed it.

    Old stubborn reviewing getting shown that there out of date thinking is not correct.

  • what I meant by my comments was different points of interest should be turned on for different games, Wizards and PoGo are games which need lots of points of interest to make money, whereas ingress is a game of strategy and lore, due to this difference Ingress works better with less points of interest and each POI should be important. Out of 160 portals in my town I would be happy to argue that 46 of them are “high quality portals” and should remain in Ingress, the other 114 are points of interest just not at a high enough quality level for ingress but make excellent pokestops/inns

    as for your final comments it shows you clearly don’t have the faintest idea what is going on, like I said every single submission I 1* I refer to guidance or AMA when rejecting but the issue is there is often loads in a row that need to be rejected because people don’t read guidelines or want to be sneaky with their submissions. Much earlier on this thread there was listed a number of clear rejection reasons which experienced reviewers would know about but inexperienced reviewers wouldn’t

  • The quality of evaluations is quickly decreasing, ans since pokemongo players are much more than us, we who always evaluated quite fine are outnumbered but **** evaluations... :-(

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    Whilst I can understand your feelings and to a certain extent may share it, it also doesn't help calling people who play PoGo "Pokemongo" . All it does is cause more resentment between Ingress and PoGo players

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    @LordGreenMonkey It is completely unacceptable to use a racially based slur that equate them with the mentally disabled towards a group of players you don't like to

  • ...if you're talking about the asterisked word in his most recent post, that word isn't what you think it is.

    (Fun fact: you can see a censored word in a post if you quote that post in your own, and in that particular case the word is a crude colloquialism for "solid byproduct of mammalian digestion". The word will be censored again when you post your comment, but you can see it in the quote prior to posting.)

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    I'm talking about a derogatory word use to refer to both the Mongol people and also used to refer to people with mental illness and those with Down Syndrome.

  • I thought the game was called PokemonGo, i didn't think a missing Capital letter was a big issue...

    Sorry if my bad writing caused some issues. :-(

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    I don't see that either. What I do see is improper capitalization and - I believe - spacing in his reference to the name of one of Niantic's other games.

  • Anyway the issue Is not PokemonGo PokémonGo PokemonGO, or whatever.

    The issue Is that the introduction of wayfarer and players from othetmr games xompletely changed the rules and the logics of portal approvals, causing manu ingress agents go ti poor just because someone else accepts almost everything.

    @TheFarix fyi: I spent many years of my life helping people with down sindrome, and I don't like ti male jokes with them.

  • I do know what is going on thanks. I have been reviewing for a fair amount of time and as I say I feel that there is nothing wrong with the system other than old and new players not following what niantic are asking you to do.

    They take into account all that you 2,3,4,5 star on every question. Those that match closest to the end result is how your rating is worked out. You all seem to think that just because you have x amount of agreements that makes you a good reviewer. It clearly means that your other star ratings like visual, cultural do not match what the average is on that accepted portal.

    This is why I believe that the system is now accurately working out what your rating is where as before it wasnt. Opr was always beta wayfarer isnt.

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    You guys have me scared. I've been waiting to drop from great for two weeks but it hasn't happened yet.

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    It will be property owners suing Niantic (again) unless they do something.

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    i was green, still being green, same ratio and will continue to be green with almost a little more of 10k reviews

    sorry but people is just in reality bad, and they cant accept it, especially those ones which used to insta 1* everything in the past

    now disagree with me my fans i know you like to spam it because cant accept i am smarter than you, btw it was already mentioned in the last ama your generic bowling alleys arent meant to go unless is hidden gem or local hotspot, is a generic business, you should feel embarassed now after all those disagrees spam you did on me, i win bye

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    im on red now also, didnt change my voting pattern really, mostly playgrounds popup usually those are 4 or 5 stars.. reason so many of us got to red is because pogo players vote good on very bad submissions and we ingress players vote bad on **** portals which is obvious, so if the majority pogo players vote good on bad portals and we dont, then we go to bad rating and not pogo players.. this is not good at all :(

    i have almost double onyx in opr medal but be red and see so many bad submissions and fall to red because i vote no on very bad submissions will only make players stop using wayfare,, and this means more backlog on good legit portal submissions that will be stuck in voting que for a long time since not enough players vote...

  • me too today in 100 review (i have 13k review in 1 year and still stay great) i went from great to poor it's anything i've ever changed my way of voting, just more submission trash at the moment. now niantic it will be without me !

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    The problem is when we are reporting such a low amount of valid responses. People are getting handed cool downs for marking appropriate generic businesses, private residential property attempts duplicates etc and being hit with a cool down or poor status. Having 3 generic businesses or 3 duplicates in a row isn't uncommon but acting like it is just ingress agents making things up no they aren't Niantic is punishing for constant 1* even if valid. The amount of health clinics, generic stores, corner stores is extremely high. People submitting 7 eleven, walmart etc or getting duplicates of existing portals is very common. From what it looks like there was a big shake up and submission quality is improving we are on the second set of 7 submissions possible for those who used them when wayfarer went world wide. I am seeing less begging for a stop or a gym in the support statements people are doing retakes with more information etc. The amount of trees etc is still the same but I am seeing less game mentions.

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  • in fact, I think we have not understood the message that niantic wants to tell us who is ACCEPTED all waypoints submitted /s

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    https://us.v-cdn.net/6031689/uploads/926/QX0KGO70LMF0.jpg There was an error displaying this embed.

    Part of my issue are people even using all valid information or are just using first judgement?

    I know for a fact people have made unofficial rules trying to force streetview and are extremely subjective on every single little detail and refuse to give any grey area on certain things. I have submitted 911 mile markers that double as trail markers and even after I mention it an abbreviation hit or miss does not meet criteria its like people see 911 auto reject. Clearly people aren't understanding visual quality isn't the best way to vote or automatically assume niantic doesn't want this many of this or that. How about people follow the rules and be fair without making personal rules when submitting?

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    dude seriously it has the name of trail on it and it has a top and bottom section it is valid. This right here. They are passing why do people not want these? this is all we have. It is valid. Just because it says 911 doesn't make things ineligible. I am sorry but they are the mile posts for our trails. Spirit of the Guide? I am being honest and fair. It is to keep people moving down the trail and promotes exercise and in the description I put the linking of two parks how is it not in the spirit of the guide? They aren't random 911 markers.

  • "your 911 location" is not a path

    Perhaps not. But it's a unique identifier for a specific location on a particular path, in much the same way "notion.catches.headache" or "foal.escorting.nightmares" are unique location identifiers in What3Words.

    So while its validity is still debatable, your reasoning is... a little flawed.

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    It’s a **** POI, shouldn’t even be up for debate. I added the snippet from the “potentially confusing waypoints” page, should be clear enough. This is a mile marker, they are at set intervals on almost all roads. Come on.

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