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Truthseekers, yet another Tessera will be made available as a live-drops on November 28th somewhere in the US. From what I could tell, the clue seems to give us information not just for this Tessera. What the contact looks like and actual drop time is still up in the air. I hope the Tethered Hand won't make it too obscure. It is after all Thanksgiving Day!

Same as the other mystery Tessera to-be dropped in Nashville, this Tessera will be worth 3 Discovery Points for the First Discoverer's Faction. Whoever is verified as the Discoverer, your deadline for posting a placement prediction in the comments is December 2nd, 1800 UTC. After the Discoverer makes their prediction, the first member from the opposing Faction to post a prediction in this thread will be the prediction that is passed along to the Tethered Hand.



News from the Tethered Hand: The contact will appear at 1700 local time and these are key to spotting them.


Truthseekers, I received a weirdly specific note from the Tethered Hand... What I think they mean is... it might be helpful to have a pair of headphones or earbuds with you. Also more tips on the contact.




Truthseekers, I’ve been trying to pass along images that tip the location of the contact in the past hour. Hope it was at least helpful to some of you. The Tethered Hand confirmed the live-drop has been retrieved. We just have to wait for the Agents to come forth with their discovery. This was a very laborious and difficult one. Thanks to all the Agents out there on the ground sacrificing Thanksgiving dinner to keep the Tessera from Nemesis. Finally a short moment of family time. Tomorrow, I believe we have another to capture.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    Does the Tethered Hand gamble? He certainly wants this to be quite a scramble.

  • I heard a rumor: the contact was "Obsidius"!

    Is this true? If so, why selected him... 🤔

  • First, praise your quick work.

    Unfortunately, our faction seems to have been one step late. If you have mercy, tell me who handed it over?

  • VERIFIED: @MinusFive@downtownvegas

    Please submit your Placement Prediction in this forum thread by 1800 UTC on December 2nd. Whichever of you makes a prediction first will be the official Prediction submitted to the Tethered Hand for your Faction.

    After one of those Resistance Agents makes a prediction, the first Enlightened Prediction in this thread will become the Enlightened Prediction.

    - PAC

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